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Save energy, money and water with innovative water-saving devices and take advantage of great added value!

AquaClic Wassersparer als Werbemittel und Kundengeschenk für Unternehmen und Gemeinden Swiss-made AquaClics are more than just water savers: the various designs and materials make them an effective medium of communication and improve your image as an environmentally active municipality.
Check out this example of a municipality how it used AquaClic watersavers to communicate with its residents:

An example from planning to realizing in the municipality of Baar (Switzerland), at the end of the video some highlights of other municipalities
Nutzen Sie AquaClic für Wasserhahn und Dusche überall dort, wo viel Wasser und Energie verbraucht wird: In der Schule, im Schwimmbad, in der Verwaltung... Sie sind in wenigen Monaten amortisiert, und sparen danach jahrelang...

Save on costs, but don't give up comfort!

Use AquaClics for faucets on showers and save 50% or more wherever a lot of water and energy is consumed: in schools, swimming pools, in local government...
Even the largest of savings is useless if it's not accepted by consumers (because no one wants to give up the comfort they're accustomed to). But with AquaClic you can rest assured: hardly anyone will notice that only half as much water flows – besides your accountant! And you can even reduce water consumption by up to 75% with the Publique wall shower! AquaClics pay for themselves in a few short months – and then continue to save for years...

Check out how the public sector uses watersavers for...

communication, for savings, for motivation...


Your AquaClic is looked at several times per day

Promote your cause on what your target group looks at on a daily basis!

You have an opportunity to promote your image or campaign wherever AquaClics conserve energy and water: be it with your coat of arms or via a slogan like in this image. For example, such a Slogan-Clic on the water faucets at the city pool or municipal building act as charming ... learn more about watersavers
ambassadors of your environmental engagement among residents, guests, students, employees, etc.

Gemeindeprojekte zum Wassersparen, Beispiele

How to use AquaClics for your residents and your image – even without a budget!

Launch a mini project that lets your residents know where they can obtain discounted watersavers, or kick off a full-fledged energy saving project with AquaClic! Look at the inspiring examples of how other Swiss communities have done it:
Sammelbestellung Wassersparer AquaClic für Mitarbeitende

Give your residents a special promotional offer:

discounted watersaving showerheads or AquaClics. Simply pass on your volume discount and the price becomes very affordable, e.g. in the case of the municipality of Fehraltorf...
Melide Wassersparprojekt

Or provide the first part for free for environmentally friendly households!

As numerous municipalities have already done, you can sponsor a subsequent part. This lets your residents rack up maximum savings – and support – at a minimal price! For example, the municipality of Melide gave every household a starter Melide Clic...

Give a gift to younger residents and new arrivals!

Your community's customized AquaClic makes a contemporary and lasting impression! Which is exactly what the municipality of Carouge did.
«We were very pleased with the distribution of the watersavers and will be repeating the campaign» Read more...
Gemeindeprojekt Stans

Example of a comprehensive community energy project, Stans, Switzerland

  • Drawing contests in schools, prizes, awards ceremony
  • Installation of Stans-AquaClic in schools and on municipal water
  • ... learn more about watersavers
  • Sales stand promotion at spring and fall outdoor markets, including:
  • Energy consulting by the municipal environmental officer,
  • Student hawker trays (constructed in shop class)
  • Student stand with cakes (from the cooking school) and AquaClics: all profits went to the school class
  • 2 promotions for residents purchasing Stans-AquaClic watersavers:
    • Community's volume discount passed on
    • Voucher sponsored by the community, printed in the local paper and redeemable for AquaClics:
    • Either at local businesses and at the market stand or student stands.

Details - info and photos of the Stans project...
Energie und Wasser sparen mit Energiestadt-Clics

How to get your community on the map as an «Energy City» – permanently!

It took some effort, but your community is now known for being an «Energy City», a label by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The accomplishment stands for quality of life in your community and is a seal of approval. Demonstrate your commitment to your residents and guests by using Energy City-AquaClics on faucets, in the showers of your schools, at swimming pools, in hotels, restaurants... Details and practical examples...

Examples of some 100 other community projects

  • With and without children
  • Switzerland and other countries
  • sales stands
  • drawing contests
  • lectures on water
  • environmental education
  • trade shows
  • environmental consulting
  • online stores
  • mailing campaigns
  • vouchers
  • order forms
have a look...

Project Material

Project materials: educational material, demonstration fountain, sales stand, drawing contest...

Give local companies the opportunity to take part in meaningful volunteer work (corporate volunteering)!

Whether you want to enhance your corporate image or boost employee solidarity! E.g. Mammut, together with students from Davos, made 1,000 houses more environmentally friendly. AXA and Migros employees retrofitted schools and senior homes with AquaClics to save both energy and water. More on corporate volunteering...
Projektmaterial für Wassersparprojekte in Gemeinden

We would be happy to advise you on your project without obligation and free of charge. Available starting at as few as 50 AquaClics for faucets or showers and featuring your customized design:

Municipality examples

EU Commissions

AquaClic Energy Cities

Schools, associations

Hospital, Homes

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