Overview of main AquaClic® products and their energy efficiency (Energy Label)

AquaClic for faucets

5 instead of 10-15 l/min, coloured or stainless steel

AquaClic for faucets

  • Saves approx. 50%
  • Fits any standard faucet
  • Leave black universal adaptor on:
    • for faucets with inside thread.
    • or unscrew for faucets with outside thread.
  • Free adaptors available for most special faucets
  • Standard, Energy label A (5 l/min) or B (6 l/min) regardless of how far the tap is turned on. Standard tap: 10-15 l/min
  • Easy-care, limescale collects approx.10x slower: soak entire unit or components in vinegar or normal limescale remover (e.g. Durgol)
  • Range of colourful designs (brass with plastic)
  • Range of stainless steel designs (stainless steel with applied ceramics).

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water-saving shower heads
5-11 l / min, calcification-free, various color and chrome variants

AquaClic Clima water-saving shower head

  • Fits any hose, powerful water jet
  • Softspray attachment also available for those who prefer a gentle spray.
  • 11 l/min (C) instead of regular 15 - 25 l/min, thanks to special construction: water is compressed and forced out powerfully in countless droplets.
  • Insert included regulator into the grip, smaller diameter facing inwards:
    yellow: 5 l/min (A) green: 6 l/min (B)
    blue: 8 l/min (B) without regulator: 11 l/min

  • Guaranteed free of limescale for 5 years: rinse inner components occasionally; to do this, just unscrew the shower head in the middle.
  • The decorative colourful or chrome ring does not have a sealing function.
  • Range of white/colourful designs, or chrome with or without decorative stainless steel plate.

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AquaClic Elégance: water-saving/
6-13.5 l/min, wellness, stainless steel

AquaClic Elégance: water-saving/ "kneipping" shower head

  • Usage with red regulator : 12 l/min (D),
  • with blue regulator: 10 l/min (C),
  • without regulator and when kneipping: approx. 13.5 l/min (D).
  • Kneipping: open shower head in the middle (turn + pull bayonet).
  • Descaling: clean openings with a brush, use limescale remover or vinegar as necessary.
  • Shower head holder for use when kneipping.
  • Place protective ring on shower head to prevent damage to head or shower base if dropped.
  • For the bold: special regulator 6 l/min (B).

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AquaClic Cuisine + Voyage - water-saving kitchen faucet heads
5 + 12 l / min, ergonomic, very light

AquaClic Cuisine + Voyage, kitchen faucet heads

  • Just unpack and screw on, fits any pull-out faucet.
  • Adaptor and selection of seals for different hoses included, also for older KWC models.
  • Starting position: AquaClic water-saving mode, 5.5 l /min (A),
  • Button pressed: shower spray mode 12 l/min (E). When water flow is reduced, AquaClic water-saving mode restarts automatically at 5.5 l/min.
  • Maintenance: clean protuberances with a nail- or toothbrush or soak in vinegar/limescale remover. To open, turn and pull bayonet fastener.

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AquaClic Flex hose
PVC-free, very hygienic

AquaClic Flex hose: white or chrome, fabric-reinforced, PVC-free

  • 175 cm, twist-proof, fabric-reinforced, limescale-resistent: just wipe with a wet cloth.
  • The grey collar in the revolving end piece ensures that it stays securely in the holder.
  • Connect revolving end piece with collar to shower head, ribbed end piece to faucet.

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Wandbrause Publique für Schwimmbad, Hallenbad, Fitnessclub, Turnhallen, Schulen, Wellness, Hotels
saves up to 80%, nice water jet, maintenance-free, simple installation

Wallshower ”Publique“ for pools, sports facilities, schools, fitness centers...

  • saves up to 75% water, energy, maintenande
  • top showering comfort
  • theftproof, vandalproof
  • easy to install, even on old showers
  • appealing, organic, minimalistic design in stainless steel

The AquaClic Publique lets you offer your customers top showering comfort and maximum safety, whether at pools, fitness centers, sports facilities, in schools, at saunas or showers on company premises, etc.

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Country of origin:

Hose: Denmark, all other products made in Switzerland

Please note:

AquaClic water-savers for showers and taps can also be used with so-called "instantaneous water heaters", but not with unpressurised water heaters. More: www.aquaclic.ch – Customer Service

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