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watersavers for taps, faucets, schowers in various colours and stainless steel

Easy on the eye and on the climate

Elegant, eco-friendly sparkles on every tap and showerhead:
AquaClic water-saving flow-regulators cut the volume of water by half. This also decreases the amount of energy used to heat it – but not your comfort! In a home, hot-water heating is the greatest user of energy next to space heating.

AquaClic’s eye-catching flow-regulators give a dynamic look to kitchen sinks and bathroom showers. The collection includes more than 150 elegant, artful and humorous designs – exotic animals, popular sports, playful and sophisticated motifs, master artwork. In addition, customized and individualized designs are welcome.

AquaClic’s durable, easy-to-install, anti-clogging flow-regulators give money-saving satisfaction. Water, energy and sewer bills drop. Effectiveness and cleanliness are never compromised. Kitchens and bathrooms gain an easy elegance.

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for faucets/taps

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