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EU Commissions

European Display Campaign

Promoting energetic building performances

The “European Display® Campaign” was designed in 2003 by energy experts from European towns and cities. It is aimed at encouraging local authorities to ... learn more about watersavers
publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings
using the same energy label that is used for household appliances. E.g. the cities of Lausanne, Modena or Frankfurt are participating.
This is how the cities' residents are invited and motivated to participate:
  • by using energy more consciously,
  • producing less CO2,
  • and at the same time by saving costs.

AquaClic is proud to be part of it!

We are proud that this European initiative selected AquaClic as its official energy-watersaving-communication tool. A special “Display-Clic” has been produced, which Display uses:
  • by equipping their own faucets and showers with it,
  • as prizes for their yearly award competition “Towards Class”: “Display” awards the winners to equip their school or other buildings with AquaClic. E.g. the city of Brasov in Romania was the first in 2005. In 2011 it was AquaClic's own home town, the city of Zurich to equip 200 faucets with Display-Clics as its award.
  • Display recommends AquaClic as their official Partner for watersavers...
Detailed info on AquaClic at display campaign... learn more about watersavers

This «Display»-AquaClic-Model is available in our standard collection and interested municipalities benefit from special discounts Display agreed with us, just ask us!

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