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Sponsoring / Corporate Volunteering

image sponsoring-aquaclic wassersparer / watersavers / économiseurs d'eau Credit Suisse, AIM, WWF, ,Migros, etc.
Examples of AquaClic-watersavers with logos of the sponsors and/or both logos: sponsor and sponsored party (Migros/WWF, AIM/Città dell energia Mendrisio)

Use AquaClic as a sponsoring tool to promote your company, product or service:

The sponsor:
typically a private company or a patron, offers AquaClic watersavers for

tap or shower, usually adorned with
  • the company's logo or product and or
  • the sponsored party's logo,
  • on 20 cm2
  • in perfect CI and/or
  • embedded in an attractive design so that everybody likes to attach by his own choice the sponsor's advertisement on his tap!

1.5 Mio. seconds!

The company benefits from 1.5 mio. seconds that its advertising on an AquaClic is looked at:
  • an AquaClic lasts min 15 years,
  • is looked at Ø 3 x per day, e.g. in a school,
  • during Ø 10 seconds
  • by Ø 20 children / future clients.
The sponsor's advertisement or message (e.g.: “use less water”):
  • is displayed at an unusual space – a faucet – mainly without other ads competing for your prospect's attention,
  • and if nicely done (our artists are ready to help!) the viewer sees it as a positive message (and not a commercial ad).

Do good and talk about it!

With individualized AquaClics you show to the sponsored party, your customers, visitors, the public or the press that your company cares for the environment and actively protects it.

Ecology: 3 times around the world!

Talk about your achievements: A school with 500 children will save approx. 400'000 liters of water per year. The energy necessary equals a small car driving 3 times around the earth!

Costs: your sponsored school saves 60'000 CHF/€/$

Let everybody know how much money you're helping to save your sponsored party: the school with 500 students will save every year around 4000.- CHF/€/$ in water and energy costs or 60'000.- during the AquaClic's minimum lifetime!

The sponsored party:

e.g. a school, hotel, casino, hospital, retirement home, etc. gets it's
faucets or showers updated with the sponsor's AquaClics. It benefits from:
  • considerable reductions of water and energy costs: approx. 50% with
  • enhanced comfort:  The AquaClic-equipped faucet – even when quickly turning the tap on full – offers a pleasant spray with no splashings. The showerhead offers even in Energy Efficiency A a strong spray.
  • Easy maintenance: AquaClic-watersavers for faucets clog 10 x less than conventional filters. They are very durable and can be re-cleaned forever (while other filters have to be replaced after a while for dirt or rust). The handheld showerhead “Clima” comes with a 5 year anti-limescale guarantee. And neither the “Publique” wall shower for public showers requires any maintenance.
  • Easy installation: AquaClic fits on any tap thanks to its universal adapter. For exceptions adaptors are available.
  • AquaClic add a fun / attractive touch with the coloured or stainless steel AquaClic devices to an often rather boring environment in lavatories.
  • AquaClic allows for calculable results independently of the pressure with its technique “flow regulator with pressure compensation”: a standard tap with a flow rate of e.g. 12 l/min is regulated to 5 l/min, while a watersaver without this technique will reduce the flow rate according to the incoming pressure, details...
  • Enhanced communication: PR responsibles will seize the tap-updating process to communicate on the savings, on behavioural tips, on related eco-projects...
  • More fun and ecological awareness when a sponsored party gets involved in the project of updating its faucets: e.g. with lectures and workshops on water and energy or by a design competition to create its own watersaver, examples...
  • More savings: the designs on the faucets remind everybody to watch out for his behaviour: close the tap earlier, use cold instead of warm water, place the handle to the right (cold) side and not in the middle position to avoid hot water production, etc.

Examples of AquaClic-sponsoring projects...

Corporate Volunteering / Eco sponsoring

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