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Wasser sparen doppelt mit technischen und emotionalen Wassersparern

Why AquaClic® saves twice:

  1. Watersaving technology approx 50% savings of energy and water
  2. Optical effect: It's distinctive design reminds everyone everyday to use water wisely. We estimate this psychological savings effect to an additional 18%

1. Sophisticated water -saving technology

This is what you'll save with AquaClic
Without the AquaClic, a 5-minute shower requires 3 dl of heating oil!

Example of annual savings in a family of 4 by using AquaClic watersavers on faucets and in the shower:

  • 40,000 liters of water
  • 1,300 kWh of energy or 130 liters of heating oil
  • Water + energy costs totalling some CHF/€/US$ 300
  • approx. 400kg CO2 from hot water
  • Payback period is approx. 5 months, details

Water and energy savings calculator

Use the water-saver calculator to determine your individual potential savings – in terms of water, energy, CO2 and costs

How much would you like to save?

You select your preferred energy efficiency class or use our recommendations for taps and showers – check out how much the various water savers will save

Sieb eines Strahlreglers

But I already have water savers!

Because your water strainer looks like an AquaClic's, you might think that you are already making savings at your faucet. But the strainer is just responsible for a nice even distribution of water by mixing it with air, that's all. learn more

That's why the water stream looks white and is not transparent like at the village pump (“laminar flow”). The relevant faucet part is called an aerator (because it mixes in air), a spray tap, water nozzle, “Perlator” or “Neoperl”, the last two from major aerator manufacturer Neoperl.

Only when water-saving technology has been incorporated into the part is water (and energy) actually being saved, and then it can be truly called a flow restrictor, flow controller, water saver nozzle, flow regulator or, quite simply, an AquaClic, because we believe that we are the first manufacturer to make technical nozzles into decorative and instructional environmental devices, which thanks to how they look lead to increased savings on a sustainable basis. More information on types of water savers
Aktueller Wasserverbrauch

What is your current consumption?

Use this handy table to discover how much water your current faucets and showerheads are consuming
Aktueller Wasserverbrauch

Real-life example of reduced costs and savings on water and energy

The M. family of Thalheim recorded how much water they saved over 3 years using AquaClic on faucets and showers.
Lohnt es sich aus Umweltsicht, AquaClics zu kaufen?

From an eco-perspective, is it even worth it to buy new saver filters and showerheads?

Yes! Because AquaClic – which are manufactured entirely in  Switzerland  – will save the following over their minimum 12-year service life (and yes, we know they last even much longer under normal circumstances):
- 55,000 times more water and
- 40,000 times more energy
than was consumed during their manufacture. Read more about the eco-balance
Wasserverbrauchskurve: AquaClic
Photo: Miss Earth hopefuls install AquaClics in Liechtenstein

How does it work?

How the AquaClic-water savers work on faucets and showers
Technische Details

Technical info for pros

Technical details on «Flow regulation with pressure compensation»

2. The design

Keine Kunst

There's nothing artful about

conserving water by using a plain technical water saving device on your faucet – family, guests, renters, students, customers or employees would have no idea of your commitment to the environment – and not change anything in their environmental behavior either.
Künstlerische AquaClics von Nadine Lanz
«Allegro» by Zurich artist Nadine Lanz

Art – in the truest sense of the word – is

rewarding your family, guests, renters, students, customers or employees with the sight of artistic AquaClics each time they wash their hands. At each washing, the AquaClics reaffirm to them that they're doing the right thing – and right now – to help protect the environment or save energy and costs. And as a side benefit, they will automatically change their behavior to use water and energy more conscientiously.

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