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Softspray attachment for the Clima-Showerhead: a soft jet

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The "Clima" water-saving shower head produces a sporty spray of water that’s typically only possible when using twice as much water (which is why Switzerland’s consumer magazine ‘Kassensturz’ chose ist as best water-saving shower head). The Softspray transforms your Clima into an equally watersaving shower – but with a soft jet of water.

A soft jet of water with the Softspray

For anyone who prefers to shower with a soft jet of water, now there’s a gentle alternative. The sophisticated "Softspray" lets you enjoy a traditional shower spray: soft and full-bodied! And you’ll save just as much as with the Clima’s typical water jet in energy classes A, B or C.


Just click in place

Just a few simple steps let you attach or remove the Softspray. The perfect solution when some showerers in the family need full power to wake up, while other prefer a soft spray of water.

Save-water-with-the-Clima-low-flow-shower head
Below: The Clima with Softspray attachment Above: The Clima without attachment

Why there's nothing to adjust

Other shower heads offer spray nuances such as "Champagne" or "Bubble". The Clima – when used with the Softspray – produces a completely different jet of water. There’s nothing to adjust. Because sooner or later, anything you can adjust will end up calcified or breaking.

Save-water-with-the-Clima-low-flow-shower head
Video: The difference in the Clima’s water flow without (sporty) and with Softspray (soft)

Reduced to the bear essentials

But: Your shower head should be durable, like all AquaClic water savers! Our Eco-Design means we develop these devices with as little material as necessary. Which is how the Clima shower head came about: functional, ergonomic, handy, and light. Less material, less resource usage, more sustainable!

Money-saving tip: order the Softspray together with the Clima showerhead by selecting it under "Options" in our shop.

Save-water-with-the-Clima-low-flow-shower head

Does the Softspray fit your "Clima" shower head?

Yes! If "AquaClic®, Swiss Made" is printed on the handle in relief.

Yes, with a little detour and even to the Clima's predecessors, including the "ClicDouche"! If there is nothing in relief on the handle:
  1. send the head-part (no. 4 in fig. 2a) to:
    AquaClic, Regensbergstr. 244, CH-8050 Zurich
  2. If you already have a Softspray device, include Fr. 5.- in cash or stamps or via Paypal to,
  3. add the note "Softspray adaption".
  4. If you don't have a Softspray yet, order it in our online shop by selecting the respective option (Fr. 5.- addition).

Handle with Relief

  1. left: actual "Clima" with relief
  2. middle: predecessor "Clima" without relief
  3. right: pre- predecessor showerhead "ClicDouche

Directions for use

fig 1.1-1.5

Instructions for the Softspray
fig 2a
1 = handle
2 = Softspray
3 = cone to the softspray
4 = head

fig. 2b

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Information on the Clima water-saving shower head...

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