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References, Certificates, Recommendations and Guestbook for AquaClic Water and Energy Savers

Satisfied AquaClic Customers


Reviews of AquaClic watersavers in our guestbook...
Municipal Water Saving with AquaClic


Examples of municipalities who have used AquaClic watersavers for energy-efficience projects...
Water saving in companies or at home


How companies are using AquaClic® to save money and energy, for advertising purposes or as promotional gift...
Certificates AquaClic has received

Institutions, Certificates, Environmental Organisations

Myclimate, WWF, the EU «Display Campaign» Organisation, Energycity, SFOE, ISO 14004, SVGW, etc. recommend AquaClic watersavers...
AquaClic News

AquaClic in the media

Check out what these media are saying about AquaClic energy- and watersavers...
AquaClic in Hotels


Examples of hotels using AquaClic to improve their reputation of their guests' showering experiences as well as their own energy bill...
AquaClic in hospitals

Homes, Hospitals and Social Organisations

A selection of the homes, hospitals and social organisations using AquaClic to save energy and costs...
political environmental protection with AquaClic

Politicians AquaClic in politics

Some of the politicians in favour of AquaClic watersavers...
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