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Improvements to the
Thanks to all “Publique” co-developers!
For over a year, the new “Publique” wall shower head has been in continuous operation in many locations. We faced many diverse installations, and got a lot of compliments from satisfied customers. People were especially surprised that the shower head virtually never has to be descaled or cleansed. We also received constructive feedback, on the basis of which we made the following improvements. Thank you for your dedication!

  • Each new shower comes with a black ABS rosette as standard: this has a sound-absorbing effect because the steel body is not in direct contact with the tiles.
Publique dimensions
  • The shower head tilts further forwards, so no residual water remains, and it doesn't scale as much.
  • Tiles are protected because the steel is not resting on them.
  • You also have the choice of color-coordinating the rosette (and nozzle!) with your space.

Wall Pin on Joint
The autonomous mounting plate wall pin is now on a ball-and-socket joint: this allows for greater adaption to sloping walls and better tolerances for various mounting depths.

Also equipped for extreme architectural blunders
For installations where the piping protrudes unusually or is very deep, we offer optional special fixings.

Impact guard and cavity
In order to keep the water – and apertures – free of stones even if the pipeline breaks, the water first flows through our new steel impact guard. This keeps sediments back, and discharges them into the new sediment chamber (which just needs to be emptied every 5 years).

Same price despite innovations
Though these improvements have pushed up our costs, the price for a “Publique” remains the same until at least 31st January 2014: CHF 445 / € 370. This is just our way of thanking all those who committed themselves to developing the "Publique" to its current state.

New pricing / discount model
What's new as well is that you can get your wall shower requirements met in 3 years at the previous prices discount conditions. Ask us about it!
Payback Calculator
For most installations, “Publique” pays back its value in less than 2 years, in many cases in even less than a year. Estimate your payback time!

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