Barrier Reef, Australia Back-view with sponsort reed schools

Barrier Reef, Australia

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Protecting the Great Barrier Reef with AquaClic

Water saving project

Reef Guardian Schools are a service by the Australian Government. Teachers and scolars are engaged in protecting the Great Barrier Reef and one of the steps is using AquaClic.


The watersaving-project was initiated by Cairns Redlynch Stat school, partly financed by the Australian Marine Park Authority and co-sponsored by the “Burnett Mary Regional” Group. Schools equipped their faucets out of their maintenance budget. Students organized discos to raise money to purchase an AquaClic for their own families, review...

The Reef Guardian Schools were awarded by the Grat Barrier Reef Marine Park authority for their efforts, including raising awareness with AquaClic...

Each of the 50 barrier reef schools received an AquaClic in their individual design, several of the schools equipped their taps with (the anti-theft-version) Reef-school-AquaClic


Each Barrier Reef school receives free AquaClic. To the original article (pdf)... (page 3)

Reef Guardian Schools rewarded for their efforts

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