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Davos Davos, Energiestadt


Art-Nr: 100318-100608

Water + Energy Saving Projects in Davos

with AquaClic

The community of Davos targets energy self-dependancy by 2036. To date, it has implemented these energy-saving projects together with AquaClic:
Schools for energy efficiency
3 students with Aqua­Clic and Mammut T-Shirts and AquaClic

Schools for energy efficiency: students equip households and hotels with AquaClic for faucets and showers

100 Schoolchildren from the “Alpine Middle School” sold and installed in 2 half days 1200 AquaClic water-saving nozzles and showers to Davous households who were informed beforehand of the project via newspaper. Participants from across the world purchased the colourful nozzles as practical souvenirs at the tourism conference. The initiative was televised in the ARD's (Germany) Tagesschau news programme and described in a segment on Tele Südostschweiz.
Schools for energy efficiency

Mammut (sporting goods)'s Social Responsibility Manager

organised this initiative with assistance from the Swiss Avalanche Research Institute (SLF) and the community of Davos.
Schools for energy efficiency
Link to the UNWTO...

Students display project at the UNWTO-Conference

At the Climate Change and Tourism Conference of the UNWTO, the community presented this energy-saving project.

Own taps save energy

Davos is an energy city. The community has fitted the energy-saving taps in its own buildings (school, retirement homes, hotels, etc.) in several versions and initiatives with AquaClics in “Energy City”-design. Instead of the usual 12 liters per minute, the taps now only use 6 liters, thereby requiring half the energy needed to warm the water.
SLF saves with AquaCliuc Energy

Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research uses AquaClic as promotional gift

The Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Davos found out that 80% of energy use in Davos is for heating, of which 20% is for warm water and up to 30% is for hotels. That is why the SLF has also had individual SLF-AquaClics produced which are distributed at congresses as souvenirs.

Case study scientific analysis: Potential for energy savings from solar heat and water nozzles in the community of Davos... (pdf)

Case Study, ETH Zurich, on energy savings in Davos with AquaClic

Case study Davos, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Scientific analysis: Potential for energy savings from solar heat and water nozzles in the community of Davos

Wanger Laura, Trummer David, van den Wildenberg Jeroen, von Gunten Konstantin
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Department of Environmental Sciences
To the case study (in German) AquaClic-entry from page 6...(pdf)">
The Summit Foundation

Summit Foundation praises Davos tourism resort for using AquaClic

The Summit Foundation is committed to reducing the impact of human activities in ski resorts. It praises the municipality of Davos that it employs AquaClic water savers (article in french): learn more about watersavers

Summit Foundation

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