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Baar (ZG) Baar, Zug, Energiestadt

Baar (ZG)

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Water and Energy Municipality and School Project, City of Baar (ZG), Switzerland,  Autumn/Winter 2013

initiated and realized by a dedicated teacher and the responsible for the program of Energy City.

“The Careful Use of Hot and Cold Water”

was the theme of the school project. The students of vocational class 3 developed this during their Physical Science Studies and presented it on display boards. They shared their knowledge through interesting lectures, which they held 24 times in front of other classes and also during the final award ceremony.
“We learnt a lot while doing this project and are glad that we got the opportunity of being before an audience and giving so many presentations.”
a student of the class 3A

Art Competition

At the same time, the students took part in a design contest to create a water conserving sieve. A jury selected 3 winning pictures. The first-place entry was made into the exclusive Baar-AquaClic. The school had their water faucets fitted with the anti-theft models and sold them to the inhabitants at a reduced price.


  • in an award ceremony prizes were given for the top 3 winning images,
  • competition pictures were put on display.
  • students presented their work on display panels and through presentations on water and energy saving. They demonstrated how the Baar-Clic worked and sold it at a booth during the event. Part of the proceeds went to an aid project for the victims of the hurricane in the Philippines.
  • The students are in the process of forming the water saving project into a homepage, and producing a video (subscribe to our blog and we will inform you as soon as these are online)
  • Two water specialists gave presentations on water and energy during the award ceremony.
  • At the Christkindl Market the students sold the Baar-Clic product to visitors.

  • Last but not least, the municipality also equipped, after intensiv testings, its wall showers of their pool with the showerhead «AquaClic Publique» and lowers the flow rate from 13 l/min to 7 l/min. This results in a savings of more than 40% – without anybody of the guests noticing that so much less water is flowing. Details on the wall shower...


Award Ceremony Program

Award Ceremony Program


Some of the winning pictures from the design competition

Competition Images Collage

Faucet-Shaped Collage of Competition Images


A Selection of Competition Images

Some of the Competition Entries

Student Competition Entries

Some of the Students' Display Panels

In this elaborate design, the path of the water could be actively directed and tracked


A student demonstrates how the AquaClics work on a demo fountain

Two students at the AquaClic sales stall; some of the proceeds of the sale of Baar-Clics goes towards a social project

The speakers on water and energy: Dr. Diana Soldo, Dr. Franziska Siegrist

Selling the Baar Water Savers at the Christkindl Market

Senior high school boys use the demontration fountain to show how the Baar-Clic saves water

In addition to the Baar-Clics, shower heads and other water savers from our standard range could be purchased at the sales stand.

The sales team: students with the Baar-Clics at the sales stand


Local Newspaper Report

Original report online (pdf)

Original report online


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