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Fehraltorf, Ct. Zurich fehraltorf

Fehraltorf, Ct. Zurich

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Municipality of Fehraltorf: children's painting contest for AquaClic watersavers

Fehraltorfer Wassersparer

Campaign + painting contest on the theme of «Fehraltorf and Water + Energy»

The Energy Committee of the municipality of Fehraltorf used its «Expo 8320» exhibition to introduce AquaClics watersavers and launch a painting contest on the theme of «Fehraltorf». The result was a colorful Fehraltorf-"Clic" available for sale to the local population at a discounted price at the subsequent fall outdoor market.


Mayor with Mr. Ott with watersaver
Mayor Ott holding the Fehraltorf AquaClic

10-year old Cyril Kriesi took first prize...

...and his clever design now graces the Fehraltorf watersavers. The municipality now offers Fehraltorf AquaClics at the fall outdoor market as well as online at a discounted price, and demonstrates how the watersaver functions at a demonstration fountain. In addition, each student receives an AquaClic as a present.


design competition

newspaper article about the Fehraltorf watersaving campaign
(See the original story in the municipality's newspaper "Fehraltörfler", pdf
See the second original story, pdf... pdf)

Online store offering for the Fehraltorfer watersavers

Online store offerings on the Fehraltorf website in the original...

Fehraltorfer AquaClic
wofür steht Fehraltof ein?
Demonstrationsbrunnen, an dem die Funkton der Wassersparer gezeigt wird

Demonstration "well" used to demonstrate how the Fehraltorf watersavers work

Marktstand in Fehraltor

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