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AquaClic Maxiset 2 - Zen Wasserverbrauch beim Duschen Sparbrause Clima – douchette Clima – showerhead Clima Schönster Wasserstrahl gem. Kassensturz – jet d'eau puissant – strong water spray AquaClic Wasserhahn / robinet / faucet Bambus / Zen AquaClic Wasserhahn / robinet / faucet  Lignes Duschschlauch, flexible, flexible hose AquaClic Sparbrause showerhead douchette ?conomiseur Zen Bambus

AquaClic Maxiset 2 - Zen

Art-Nr: 305208
+ Softspray?+Winkel/Coude/Bow?
l/min AquaClic Hahn/robinet/faucet
+ GiroClic? >+ Spray?
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What you'll get:

  • 1 showerhead “Clima” with a flow rate according to the “options” above (by comparision: conventional showers consume 15 - 25 l /min / 4 - 7 gal.),
  • 1 shower hose “Flex”, 175 cm, PVC-free, 100% torsion resistance,
  • 2 AquaClics for faucets in the design as shown, water flow according to the “options” above (by comparision: regular taps consume 10 - 15 l/min / 2.6 - 4 gal.),
  • 1 replacement washer for your hose,
  • a fun environmental booklet with instructions
  • and a smart “Polar Bear” eco-sticker.

Select this ready made set and you or your friends will be saving water in a few days.

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