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Softspray for shower head Clima

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Save water - and don't give up your cozy shower!

Video: difference between the sporty spray of the Clima and the soft spray with this attachment

If you know the “Clima” shower head, you have experienced its powerful, sporty jet of water, that’s typically only possible when using twice as much water (which is why Switzerland’s consumer magazine ‘Kassensturz’ chose ist as best water-saving shower head). Not familiar with the "Clima"? die click here for more.
Softspray für die Klima für Kuschelduscher
transforming a powerful jet of water into a soft one

Maximum savings – but soft spray

For anyone who prefers to shower with a soft jet of water, now there’s a gentle alternative. The sophisticated “Softspray” attachment lets you enjoy a traditional shower spray: soft and full-bodied! And you’ll save just as much as with the Clima’s typical water jet in energy classes A, B or C: 5 - 11 l/min instead of the usual approx. 16 l/min.


From our customer reviews

“The Clima is an excellent water-saving shower head. For some members in our family the water shot out too strong. But everyone’s happy now with the optional Classic Spray attachment, which produces a classic shower spray. A very good compromise on quality shower.”
The Schmitz family, Niederglatt (CH)

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What you'll get

  • 1 attachment Softspray in 2 pieces
  • instructions

Compatibility, instructions...

The Softspray attachment for the “Clima” showerhead: soft spray

unten: Clima mit Softspray-Aufsatz, oben: Clima ohne Aufsatz

Just click in place

Just a few simple steps let you attach or remove the Softspray. The perfect solution when some showerers in the family need full power to wake up, while other prefer a soft spray of water.

Duschgriff mit Relief

Does the Softspray fit your "Clima" shower head?

Yes! If "AquaClic®, Swiss Made" is printed on the handle in relief.

yes, with a little detour and even to the Clima's predecessors, including the “ClicDouche”: If there is nothing in relief on the handle: contact us!
  1. left: actual Clima with relife
  2. middle: predecessor "Clima" without relief
  3. right: predecesor showerhead "ClicDouche"


Instructions (pdf)...
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