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AquaClic Publique, CHF 519.-, exkl. MwSt. publique Wandbrause Wanddusche

AquaClic Publique, CHF 519.-, exkl. MwSt.

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How to save 70% on your energy and water bill – without your guests noticing! How to drastically reduce maintenance effort, repair costs and CO2 emissions at the same time!

30-second video: function of the wall shower head Publique

“What would the perfect wall shower look like?”

Our customers – responsibles in indoor swimming pools, gyms, schools, jails, fitness studios all loved the powerful handheld showerhead SwissClima – selected as the winner in a test by the respected Swiss consumer magazine “Kassensturz”.
When our customers suggested we create a wall mounted version of the popular handheld device we asked them what the perfect wall shower head should offer. Here is what they said:
  • “No limestone build-up/low maintenance
  • Vandalism/suicide-proof
  • Energy + cost saving”

From the locker the drawing board

We took these requirements to heart and developed and tested the unique Publique wall shower together with our customers. Many of these meetings took place in dressing rooms and showering areas - in bathing suits! Ideas migrated from the changing room to the board room to the drawing board and then were translated into a product that meets the professional’s requirements.

What does the professional's ultimate shower look like? Here are the results:

The AquaClic Publique wall shower
✔ Uses up to 70% less water and energy while slashing costs
Pays for itself typically in less than 18 months
✔ Boasts a full-bodied spray
✔ Is theftproof/vandalism proof
✔ Resists limestone buildup
✔ Is simple to install and even fits into old shower installations
✔ Features solid stainless steel, with no parts to wear out
✔ Looks attractive with a modern, minimalist design
✔ is approved by TÜV Rheinlandpfalz for hygiene and sounde (class I)
“I really like the shower. There's a lot more to it than just saving water. It needs much less maintenance and has reduced salt consumption of our decalcification system by a third. ”
Herbert Burren, Winterthur-Switzerland Sports Department

13 reasons to use the Publique wall shower, details

Details about the Publique Wall shower head, 3 minutes

Great showering experience, big savings, minimal maintenance

The showerhead's spherical form looks new and futuristic. But it employs a proven technique: the same turbulence principle as our AquaClic Clima handheld showerhead, the "Kassensturz" magazine test winner for best showering comfort, according to Kassensturz magazine.

This special technique has proven itself effective for more than 15 years. It generates more pressure with half water and produces a jet that would otherwise only be possible using double the amount of water. The water splits into more droplets, producing a powerful, pleasant spray that also prevents limestone buildup.

  • The Publique wall shower saves significant amounts of water, energy and maintenance costs.
  • Your guests will enjoy their shower experience, and even long hair is thoroughly washed using this showerhead – with half as much water.
  • Plus, your facility will benefit from improved safety and reduced noise levels.

1. Comfort: The Alpha and Omega for satisfied, repeat guests

Even the biggest savings would be useless if the people showering were displeased.

“We previously used 12 litres of water per minute, and now we've set the new showerhead to a 6.5 liter/min flow rate. Our customers have been nothing but happy!”
Pascal Geiger, Fitness Birsbrugg, Birsfelden

The Publique wall shower saves water and energy – but doesn't skimp on comfort! Although it uses less water and energy, this wallshower emits a pleasant, powerful spray of water at optimal temperatures – thanks to its turbulence principle and the precise settings.

Wandbrause Publique individuell einstellen / régler la douchette murale publique selon les besoins / adjust the wallshower according to the needs

Young and old alike praise the Publique wall shower

“We noticed that the kids were standing in line so they could get under the tickling rain shower. The older swimmers were equally enthusiastic about their shower experience. The way it softly sprays on your skin, that appealed to many of the swimmers.” What other customers are saying...
Wandbrause Publique individuell einstellen / régler la douchette murale publique selon les besoins / adjust the wallshower according to the needs
The Zurich-Oerlikon public indoor pool with Publiques

AquaClic Publique wall showers are quiet

The Publique is pleasantly quiet even when the shower is set to max (11 liters/min and standard pressure of 3 bar). This is especially appreciated in larger facilities where numerous individuals shower beside each other.

2. Savings: The AquaClic Publique wall shower uses up to 70% less water and energy and slashes maintenance

Hallenbad Oerlikon mit Wandbrausen publique
The revolutionary design and cutting-edge technology enable savings of up to 70%! You'll gain the biggest savings by perfectly setting your flow rate and the temperature to get the perfect shower jet. Here's how it's done:

How to select the perfect flow rate

Use the included Allen key to adjust the water flow, from 1 to 11 l/min and anywhere in between. The adjustment is easily performed externally – nothing need be disassembled.

  • install the Publique with the desired flow rate right from the start, e.g., 7 liters for men and 8 liters for women (due to longer hair).

Or, proceed gradually. For example, your current showers are at 16 l/min:
    • Install your new “Publique” with a maximum flow rate of 11 l/min (at the normal pressure of 3 bar).
    • After this, gradually reduce the flow rate, e.g. by 1 liter per week.
    • In 4-5 weeks this will cut the rate to 7 or 8 l/min, meaning you've reduced the amount of water by half.
Guidline to adjusting the water volume
Durchflussmenge einstellen

How to set the flow rate for the Publique

If the dial scale is set to 11 l/min, the Publique will run at maximum flow rate, i.e. 11 liters per minute at the standard line pressure of 3 bar.

This pressure may vary depending on your system. As a result, the pressure-dependent flow rate may vary. Consequently, the liter display on the dial is a guideline.

How to precisely measure the flow rate of the Publique or your current shower

If you'd like to precisely determine the flow rate of your present shower or the Publique, you can:
  • Use the traditional method involving a stopwatch, bucket and the rule of three. The formula for the flow rate per minute is as follows:
    Bucket contents, e.g. 10 liters * 60 seconds divided by the elapsed time, e.g. 7 seconds (which works out to 16 l/min).
    Or, use the handy table here to determine the flow rate...

    If your showering facilities have 8, 16, 32 or more showers, this can turn into a long – and wet – undertaking.

  • Things are a lot simpler with the electronic AquaClic gauge, which makes measuring easy, quick and precise – plus, you'll stay dry. You can purchase this practical aid, borrow it or have it regularly sent to you, e.g. for annual servicing, details on the electronic wall shower gauge...

Energy efficiency A, B or C made to order

Even at a minimal flow rate of e.g. 6 l/min (efficiency class A) the proven AquaClic turbulence technology offers a pleasant, powerful shower spray. If necessary, the flow rate can be increased for a few showerheads, e.g. in the women's showers to make it easier to wash long hair.
Strahlrichtung anpassen

Flexible tilt angle ensures the right temperature

Flexible settings make it easy to keep the jet of water compact, focused and dynamic enough to avoid wasting any water or warmth off to the sides. A single movement – just use your hand – lets you adjust the shower spray to the body size for children or adults, bathing beauties or handball players.

Adjust the spray width using the optional nozzle

For some installations, it may be necessary to change the spray width. For this, we offer an optional “Focus” water outlet nozzle. The nozzle lets you easily set the ideal spray width without tools. As a result, you'll avoid water flowing unnecessarily off to the side of the body. For example, just reduce the spray width at times where most of your shower takers are children.

3. Payback and Price

Thanks to its savings in water, energy and maintenance costs, the AquaClic Publique wall shower pays for itself in a few short months – while boasting a service life of approximately 25 years (during which you'll save cold hard cash each and every year)! This makes the showerhead both economical as well as highly recommended for the environment.

Cost savings, payback period, sample calculation:

Indoor public pool with: 10 showers
Showering time per shower per day: 40 minutes
Open each year for: 240 days
Flow rate of current showerhead: 13 l/min
Converted to the “Publique” and set to: 7 l/min:
Water savings CHF/€ 4,100.-
Cost savings CHF/€ 4,800.-
Payback period 14 months
Savings over the minimum 25-year service life CHF/€ 100,000.-
We often come across wall showers that consume 18 l/min and more. Replacing these with the Publique set to 7 l/min, the payback period works out to roughly: 7 months
With annual savings of: CHF/€ 7,500.-
Calculation basis, drinking water + wastewater: 3.60/m3
Calculation basis, energy, heating oil: 86.- per 100 liters of oil

Reduced maintenance effort, e.g. less salt:

“The savings calculations don't factor in that staff need to clean the shower and remove limestone much less often. On top of that, this means you don't need to use any strong cleaners that corrode chrome and tile joints. And, last but not least, we can also run our desalination system less, for example we can get buy purchasing about 1/3 less salt.”
Herbert Burren, Winterthur Sports Department

No follow-on costs

“Recurring replacement and purchase of defective parts on our current showerheads, which aren't even 2 years old, costs time, money and aggravation – we calculate that this works out to about CHF 30 per showerhead per year”
School W. Kt. Bern
The AquaClic Publique has no parts that wear out and consequently no follow-on costs. For those instances in which a washer or other mass-produced part gets lost during annual maintenance, we recommend the Service Set, so you'll always have small parts immediately on hand.

The “Publique” may cost 2-3 times as much as other wall showers, but it performs several times better

  • The current retail price is CHF 479 without sales tax.
  • In addition, there is a one-time cost of CHF 85 for the special multifunction tool used for installation and maintenance.

You're losing cold, hard cash every day!

Each day your showers continue to send far too much warm water down the drain, you're losing money.
“I was even more amazed to see the Publique test at just 7.5 liters per minute, while our other showers use 23 l/min.”
Ruth Bossi, Nord Fit Fitnesscenter Zurich

Don't have a budget?

Sometimes it can take a while until the necessary funds are appropriated. Or until management convince themselves of the effectiveness of this quick and efficient way to save money. By that time, you could have long paid for the investment (payback times of 4 months with the Publique are common!).

You don't need to believe our advertising promises! See for yourself!

Let the facts speak! Take advantage of your free tester unit and our payback analysis.You can also test equip entire areas for longer periods of time. Or let us show you our flexible partial shipments and billing options.
“For budget reasons, we'd planned on equipping all the showers over 3 years. But it was clear even after the first partial installation that we were using much, much less hot water, and that everyone using the facility was happy. The budget was approved in record time, which enabled us to equip all our showers during the same quarter”.
R. Cantelli, Director Embrach Swimming Pool

4. Installation: Simple, even for old showers

Installation video

The Publique wall shower is easy to install – even in old showers:
Die revolutionäre Wandbrause lässt sich auf bestehende Infrastrukturen montieren /installez la douchette révolutionaire aussi sur les vieilles installations / use the publique showerhead for old installations, too

The revolutionary wall shower can be mounted on existing infrastructure:

The special mounting plate we've developed allows the AquaClic Publique to be attached to old installations without problem – even on crooked walls and curved pipes. The sandwich mounting system also stabilizes pipes.
“Installing the showerhead was very easy.”
Othmar Zips, Maintenance, Pestalozzi Children's Foundation, Trogen

Wanddusche für heikle Ecken, installer la douchette murale dans les coins / install the publique showerhead even in remote corners

Usable even in difficult showering spots

Since the showerhead can be easily mounted on existing infrastructure and you can flexibly adjust the shower spray, the AquaClic Publique wall shower can also be installed in corners and tight spaces – in individual shower stalls as well as communal showers.
Optimaler Strahlwinkel

Individualized spray direction means dry floors

The wall shower's jet of water can be horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjusted. The AquaClic Publique can even be installed in a tricky corner and still offer a comfortable shower. And the floor stays dry!

5. Simple upkeep, guaranteed free of limestone – with minimal maintenance, too

“Previously, every month we had to take down the showerheads and de-lime them. Today, we only take them down for annual maintenance.”
Daniel Neeser, Kaiseraugst Public Indoor Pool

The AquaClic Publique's form, design, technology and materials are designed to last 25+ years with minimal maintenance:

Why the Publique wall shower does not suffer from limestone build-up

Thanks to its turbulence principle, the wall shower is resistant to limestone, just like our Clima handheld showerhead with the same anti-limestone principle. Tiny stones and dirt can't accumulate in the first place and form limestone – they're flushed away with the very next drop of water:

Keine Ausfallzeiten bei vielen Leuten die duschen wollen

No downtime with the Publique wall shower

When crowds are large, it can be a real hassle dealing with a defective shower or one that's been vandalized. No worries. The AquaClic Publique has no such downtimes – just pure showering pleasure.
Die glatte Oberfläche der Publique machts sie schmutzabstossend / la superficie lisse évite l'entartrage / the stainless steel surface prevents the shower from dirt

Your new AquaClic Publique showerhead features minimal maintenance:

  • The spherical shape offers no corners for dirt or limestone to collect.
  • The high-quality stainless steel wall shower offers easy upkeep and hygiene.
  • Should a pipe burst, or dirt particles get into the water for other reasons, the water-saving wall showerhead can simply be opened and flushed out. And, since it doesn't need to be taken down, it's highly practical.
  • In addition, a special channel offers optimal water drainage and ventilation of the entire inner area, which means that condensation caused by temperature fluctuations is automatically drained.
Review zur Wanddusche vom Hallenbad Kaiseraugst / review on the showerhead in Kaiseraugst / témoignage sur la douche murale
“...Maintenance and having to readjust it, e.g. screwing things on and cleaning, has been zero. No effort of this kind in the last 3 months. By comparison, with the Sanimatic sport showers we had to take apart the showerheads every month and clean them in a decalcifying bath. In a nutshell, the Publique is great in terms of maintenance and saving water...”

Dani Neeser, Asst. Head Pool Attendant,
Kaiseraugst Public Indoor Pool

Publique Einstellungen von aussen / régler la douche / easy set the desired flowrate and other parameters

No more disassembly if maintenance is required

All adjustments can be performed from the outside – regardless of whether you want to adjust the water amount, the spray width or the angle. No more need to take things apart and re-seal them! This saves you time and effort and it slashes maintenance costs – and even more imporantly, it reduces downtime.

6. Security: Your Publique wall shower prevents theft, vandalism and slips!

Unfortunately, public areas are facing a large problem from vandalism and theft – resulting in significant expense at times. You can protect yourself from this: Bei der Publique gibts keinen Vandalismus

Die Wandbrause Publique lässt sich nicht beschädigen / la douche murale publique est résistant contre le vandalisme / the publique wall shower is secured against theft and vandalism

Vandalproof shape prevents damage and injury

  • The AquaClic Publique's spherical form makes vandalism impossible: you can't hang on it, hang anything on it, or snap it off.
  • The wall shower has no external movable parts. The result? No grabbable surfaces to steal or damage.
Die Wandbrause Publique lässt sich nicht beschädigen / la douche murale publique est résistant contre le vandalisme / the publique wall shower is secured against theft and vandalism

The Publique's showerhead is made of stainless steel: It's rugged, hygienic and durable

Since it's not chrome-plated like other wall showers, you won't need to deal with cracking, fading or eroding chrome layers to deal with. On the contrary: the more the showerhead is cleaned, the more it shines!

Your new wall shower also means users are safer

  • The round shape means no corners so less chance of injury. This makes the Publique suited for use in e.g. prisons and residential centers, too.
  • The round shape discourages potentially risky gymnastics movements.
  • The spray of water can be precisely aimed, so that flooring in entry and exit areas remains dry – and thus slip-proof.

7. Environmentally friendly: Your Publique wall shower lets you act in an ecologically efficient manner – in every respect

This revolutionary wall shower not only uses up to 70% less water and energy – it's also manufactured for a long service life:

  • As with all AquaClic water-saving devices, we've built the Publique wall shower with an extended service life in mind:
  • We exclusively use high-quality, long-lasting materials and no parts that wear out.
  • Solely pure-grade materials are employed, i.e. stainless steel, brass, POM and rubber. Following the minimum 25-year service life of the AquaClic Publique, these materials can simply be separated and replaced, or recycled.
  • The wall shower has no chrome finish that can peel off – meaning it contains no heavy metals.
  • The showerhead is 100% manufactured in Switzerland – meaning no extensive shipping routes with the associated Co2 emissions.

8. Proven: Testimonials and reviews by customers who use the Publique wall shower

“We never run out of hot water, even when the crowds are at their maximum! I can wholeheartedly recommend this wall shower!”

9. Informational video (4 min.) on how your Publique wall shower works, how reasonable the payback period will be, and how the Publique is installed

10. Online brochure for the Publique wall shower

Order the Publique's brochure by regular mail...

11. Technical data

Dimensions, items in delivery, options, instructions

Die technischen Daten zur Wanddusche Publique im Überblick / infos techniques sur la douche murale / technical information on the wall shower publique

Technical data for the wall shower:

Weight 2 kg
Diameter 100 mm
Connection 1/2 inch
Flow rate 11 l/min at 3 bar, freely reduceable to 1 l/min
Spray angle 25° +/- 4%
Materials Stainless steel, plastic POM, rubber
Lieferumfang der Wandbrause / Wallshower parts

Items included in delivery

  • Publique stainless steel wall shower (#1) with black water outlet nozzle ABS
  • Mounting plate with wall rosette brass, standard 1/2-inch connection (#2)
  • Wall receptable (#3)
  • Installation instructions (installation video)
  • Online / phone customer service

Accessories / Options:

  • Special Allen key (4) for mounting / opening the showerhead in the event that your pipe bursts
  • Different color wall rosette and/or water outlet nozzle
  • Water outlet nozzle, stainless steel, for extra protection against vandalism
  • Dismantling of current showers, installation of the Publique by a plumber, as agreed

Technical information and instructions for use

12. Energy savings calculator: Estimate your potential savings

(and be amazed at how quickly your investment will pay for itself)
Zum Wassersparrechner

Go to the water and energy savings calculator...

or have a detailed analysis performed by a renowned energy-efficient company. We'll even pick up the cost of this extensive analysis as agreed. Here's just one example:

Energy-efficiency analysis:

13. Test it for free: Test the Publique wall shower with no obligation to buy

Let your customers test how the new shower feels. See for yourself how people love to use the new shower and how fast it can be installed – no toolbox or sanitation fixtures installer needed – and the tester unit installs in no time at all!

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