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SwissClima Eco-Chrome Raindrops Die SwissClima ist so breit wie die schmale Seite eines A4-Blatts Sparbrause Wassersparbrause Wassersparen Clima Massagebrause

SwissClima Eco-Chrome Raindrops

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Enjoy your shower ? with a clean conscience!

A 5-minute shower with a standard shower head requires 3 dl (!) of heating oil. Now you can save half that and still enjoy a full-bodied spray of water! The AquaClic Clima produces a tingling, full spray of water. It does not build up limestone deposits, is hygienic, light and ergonomic.

Check out the difference between a regular showerhead and the Clima-Showerhead

  • Cut water usage by 50%, while saving energy and money!
  • Enjoy a full-bodied spray, thanks to a sophisticated design.
  • Simply screw the shower head: fits onto any hose.
  • Hygienic and guaranteed against limestone buildup for minimum 5 years.
  • A high-quality, Swiss-made product with a
  • 5 year warranty and
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What you'll get:
  • 1 Clima shower head as shown, 11 l / 2.9 gal/min. (by way of comparison: standard showers consume 15-25 l/min.), with a powerful jet of water. Prefer softer showers? Simply order the Softspray attachment under ?Options?.
  • Additional flow controller 3-10 l/min (see "Options", 0.8-2.6 US gal/min), to save even more water.
  • Replacement washer for your hose
  • Environmental guide with instruction booklet
  • A trendy ?Polar Bear? environment sticker
  • Comes in attractive (gift-)wrapping or functional minimal packaging.

Detailed information on the AquaClic Clima showerhead ...

Note: the Clima is recommended by and Kassensturz as the best low-flow shower head...

How to halve your water (and energy!) use in the shower but still enjoy a satisfying jet of water

AquaClic? Clima water-saving showerhead: detailed information

Savings ? Video ? how does it work? ? for super-savers ? fits any hose ? no limescale, hygienic ? eco design ? a shower head as a (promotional) gift? ? Swiss Made ? Technical Info

?Hot water uses almost as much energy as heating!?
Showering uses an especially large amount of water ? up to 25 liters / 7 US gallons per minute. This needs a lot of oil or electricity to heat it, produces environmentally unfriendly CO2 and uses a lot of energy. A 5-minute shower uses 3 decilitres (1.2 cups) of oil, for example!
?Saving water is one of the most inexpensive, efficient and simple methods of climate protection that exist.?
Dr. Tania Schellenberg, Environmental Consultant
Candidates of Miss Earth installing AquaClics in the government building in Vaduz

Save 300.- a year!

The water-saving ?Clima? shower head uses just 5-11 l (1.3-2.9 gal) per minute, compared to a normal head which uses 15-25 l (4-7 gal) p. min. But showering is still a pleasure! In a 4-person household, you will save about CHF/?/US$ 300.- per year, and reduce your CO2 emissions for warm water by approx. 400 kg. How much you'll save with AquaClic...
?The feeling of dread that used to accompany the arrival of my heating bills has been replaced by a smug grin...?
Samuel E., Zurich (more customer feedback...)

The difference will amaze you!

Compare the Clima water-saving shower head to a normal shower head in this water-saving video...
?My shower and tap are both just as enjoyable to use with your water-savers (and I'm a discerning "showerer"... ;-)).?
Customer feedback from Florian B. (more feedback...)

Kr?ftiger Duschstrahl beim Wasser sparen

Save water although the shower is still powerful?

Thanks to its special construction, the Clima forces out millions of tiny droplets.

It creates a massage-jet, which would otherwise require twice as much water. Added bonus: the tiny droplets spread the water better ? so shampoo rinses out of your hair faster.

Giesskannen-Wasserstrahl: weich
Clima forces out a powerful spray. Conventional ?watering can? spray.

How the AquaClic? Clima water-saving shower head works

It's special design permits a maximum flow of 11 liters/min (at a normal pressure of 3 "bar"), compared to 15-25 liters per min used by conventional shower heads.

A cross section of the AquaClic Clima shower head

Spardusche Clima im Querschnitt
a) Water flows through the handle
b) In this chamber, water flows through the cone
c) In this chamber, pressure builds up
d) In the expansion chamber, the water is separated into drops e) as it is dispersed through the perforated disc
f) The water then takes form in the turbulence chamber
g) ...and exits as a powerful stream made up of small drops
h) The "tear-off edge" ensures that the water exits in a uniform flow
Weicher, sanfter Wasserstrahl

You'd rather have a gentle spray?

Then simply add the ?Softspray? attachment. Just a few flicks of the wrist to attach it to the Clima and you've got a nice soft spray. More about Softspray...
Viel sparen biem Duschen
A, B or C-class showers

You decide how much you save

This water-saving shower head uses a maximum of 11 litres (2.9 gal) a minute at normal mains pressure (3 ?bar?).
Fit the included regulators into the shower head grip and then adjust the flow to 5, 6 oder 8 l/min (1.3, 1.6, 2.9 gal) ? instead of 15-25 l/min (4-7 gal) in a normal shower. You will be amazed how satisfying the spray is despite the huge savings, more about the UE-Energy Label classifying household appliances...
AquaClic-Brausen passen an jeden Brauseschlauch

Fits any hose

Clima shower heads have a standard (half-inch) thread which fits any off-the-shelf hose.

A lot of pressure is created, so make sure that your hose is in healthy condition. If you need a new one anyway, take a look at the ?AquaClic Flex? hose (in Accessories).

Die Spardusche Clima verkalkt garantiert nicht

No-limescale guarantee

We guarantee that the water jet openings of the Clima will stay free of limescale for at least 5 years. This is made possible by the special construction, large openings, movable parts and limescale-repellent plastic. Video, why the Clima doesn't scale up...
AquaClic Sparduschen sind nach Ecodesign Richtlinien entwickelt

Durable, eco-efficient, lightweight, single-material components

The Clima, like all the other AquaClic water-saving devices, is manufactured according to eco-design principles:
  • A sturdy, durable shower head, made with enough material to last at least 15 years.
  • Continue...
  • As little material as possible, for a lightweight, handy and problem-free use. So you won't find any adjustment wheels, little lights, turbines or other movable parts which will sooner or later fall off or scale up.
  • Single-material, separate ABS & POM plastic and rubber components that can be disposed of simply and harmlessly.
  • From an ecological point of view, chromed parts aren't a good idea, especially if they come from distant countries which lack stringent controls (heavy metals, waste disposal, water pollution, etc. read more in our article ?Brilliant and ecological ? its possible!?).
    Accordingly, we offer a selection of chrome-free shower heads. Or the raw stainless steel El?gance shower head.
    But we also understand if you want a chrome head to match the tap. We also supply a range of chromed models. The chrome is applied in Switzerland according to extremely rigorous ecological and food hygiene regulations. This ensures a clear conscience and a durable plating.
Sparbrause ?ffnen nach Abwesenheit


The Clima is one of the very few shower heads that are really simple to open, just by unscrewing it.
After a burst pipe or your holidays, it's easy to remove the old water, deposits or particles of any kind. Your shower stays hygienically clean.
From the stainless steel ?Don't Worry? set

Attractive accessory

Turn your bathroom into a cosy wellness oasis in a flash with one of many Clima designs. And then put the icing on the cake by fitting a matching AquaClic on the faucet. The attractive accessories will constantly remind you and everyone else who uses your shower what precious resources water and energy are, and that we should conserve them.

Give as a present or keep for yourself?

Why not both? You always cut a dash with an AquaClic shower head, regardless of whether you treat yourself or someone else.
Choose a suitable motif from our wide selection of decorative designs and give your friends or customers a special, useful present.
Passende Verpackungen zur Clima Spardusche

Gift boxes for any occasion

Further enhance the appeal of this Swiss quality product. The gift boxes are designed to hold several water savers, to make up a practical household set. Naturally, the boxes are also made in Switzerland. More info on packaging...
Sparduschen als Wassersparer und Werbemittel oder Werbegeschenk

A water-saver as an advertising medium?

Only with AquaClic! Why not order ?Clima? water-saving shower heads as a promotional gift? With your own custom logo, from only 50 pcs. Continue...

Your customers, tenants and other interested parties will benefit from really impressive savings ? without any compromises. And you're on a winner too! Every day, year in, year out! Your audience will regard you as ecologically responsible and agreeable. For years! Every day! More about AquaClic water-savers as a useful advertising medium...

Swiss Made Duschkopf

Swiss Made

Clima is most likely the only shower head made in Switzerland which is sold below the price of 50.-. Perhaps even in Western Europe. We manufacture them with PVC-free, food-grade materials in premium Swiss quality. We are so confident that we offer a 5-year guarantee (rather than the normal 2 years). More info on the Swiss factory...
AquaClic Kundendienst

Swiss customer service

Questions about your shower, saving water or need spare parts? Our customer service can be reached by phone or electronically and will respond promptly in 5 languages. As confirmed by these customers in our guestbook...
Technische Infos zur Sparbrause Clima

Technical information

Shower head, loose:
20.5 x 70 x 45 cm
118 grammes
Packed singly in a box:
23.5 x 9.7 x 6
180 grammes
PVC-free. ABS & POM plastics, rubber, chrome plating
Water comsumption: 5, 6, 8 l/min with regulator
11 l/min (without regulator)

Bedienungsanleitung AquaClic Clima Duschbrause Instruction manual...


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