AquaClic water savers in the municipality of Melide

  • The parish had one coloured and one stainless steel AquaClic produced bearing its own logo.
  • It mailed each household a free Melide-AquaClic water saver, together with a flyer (see below).
  • Interested parties were entitled to buy more Melide AquaClic watersavers at cost price by collecting them from the parish office and
  • buy more faucet and shower water savers in a dedicated online shop especially set up for Melide
  • or using an order form - also at reduced rates.

Information in the local newspaper:

Wasser sparen in der Gemeinde Melide
Original online report (pdf)...

Flyer/order form delivered to all households with the AquaClic water saver:

Flyer, mit dem die Gratis-Wassersparer in alle Haushalte geschickt wurden

Online offer in the AquaClic shop:

Der individuelle Onlineshop für Melide
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