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Meet the AquaClic Designers

Climate protection should make sense and be practical, but it should also look good and be fun. Which is why we offer our AquaClics in a number of different variants. A few subjects have been painted by children for community projects, while others are the creation of AquaClic artists, while still others are exclusively fashioned for special editions and are not for sale (from us).

Children artists and a selection of motifs

Numerous communities hold painting competitions, with winning pictures adorning the AquaClics on the communities' water faucets.
Kinder gestalten AquaClics in Malwettbewerb
The winners of a painting contest in Worb
More on community projects involving children...

Manuela Uebelhart

Manuela Uebelhart

Manuela Uebelhart
Wassersparer Pappagalli
Many of the AquaClic designs featuring flowers, animals and fantasy motifs come to us from Manuela Uebelhart, whose creations for AquaClic are adorned with wonderfully rich acrylic colors.

Shortly after creating her first AquaClic, Uebelhart was chosen from more than 1,500 Swiss and European artists to exhibit her work at the renowned Montreux “Art Forum”.

Nadine Lanz

Nadine Lanz
Frutta in Colori
Nadine is an extremely versatile artist – she creates modern designs for the AquaClic collection that are characterized by clear structures and shapes and delicate watercolors. Visit her website and be enchanted by her wonderful creations:

Lando Pobre

Lando Pobre
Lando Pobre
Wale und Delfine zum Wasser sparen
Orca + Baby
As a trained restorer, no detail escapes the eye of Lando Pobre when creating his captivating airbrush images. Lando has designed numerous animal and artistic motifs used in the AquaClic collection.

Daniel Sidler

Daniel Sidler, Zeichnungslehrer
Daniel Sidler
australischer Frosch
Red eyed frog (Australia)
Eisbären an den Sparhahn
Daniel Sidler paints his AquaClics in wonderfully beautiful luminosity. His polar bear, named "Knurrli", represents climate protection, which all AquaClic users help contribute to. A special emphasis of Sidler is portraits.

Eliane Stoll

Eliane Stoll Bilder der Künstlerin Eliane Stoll
Eliane Stoll exclusively paints digital pictures. Thus her works can take on the widest variety of styles, from photo-realistic to geometrically abstract.
Further information on Eliane Stoll...

Amedeo Baumgartner

Amedeo Baumgartner
Amedeo Baumgartner
Farne für Wasserhahn-Düsen
Amedeo paints using a very special watercolor technique that is actually closer to watercolor drawings than watercolor painting.

The «Farne» AquaClic design represents just a tiny excerpt from a painting, which can be admired in his art book "Plankton in Ton". You can visit the artist at

Lawrence Weiner

Der New Yorker Lawrence Weiner, einer der bedeutensten lebenden Künstler
Lawrence Weiner
New Yorker Lawrence Weiner is one of the most important living artists. He was commissioned by the WWF to create the Weiner Click: «Something left behind to glitter in the crack of the dawn». More / Wikipedia-Info on Lawrence Weinerr...

Matthias Winkler

Matthias Winkler
AquaClic Sparbrause «Elégance» und 3 AquaClics im exklusiven Winkler-Design
«I don't paint pictures to hang up for eternity in a museum. I paint pictures for the moment», says Matthias Winkler, who's also well known from his work for the Montreux Jazz Festival and Swatch.

Winkler has created his own AquaClic line that the artist exclusively sells in his studio – a former theatre in Münsingen - or online. Like the art Clics by Weiner, this collection is also not available from us, the manufacturer.

Advertisements can be very artistic...

Frösche an den Wasserhahn! AquaClic Sparbrause «Elégance» und 3 AquaClics im exklusiven Winkler-Design
Lots of people have asked us to sell this frog to them. But it's not for sale! You can only get it if you're friends with the nice folks at Bosch...

Then there are the numerous limited-edition "ad Clic" runs for companies from all different sectors. They use AquaClics to conserve water, but also to generate appealing advertising that's useful and long-lived.

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