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Certifications, institutions, etc.

Recommendations for saving water using AquaClic

AquaClic-Brausen besetzten bei Topten die ersten 3 Plätze der Klick zum besten Produkt

Kassensturz test

The Swiss Consumer Magazine “Kassensturz” declared the Clima as the winner among watersaving showerheads, Video (German)
EnergieEtikette zum Energiesparen, Schweizerisches Bundesamt für Energie

The Energy Label

Switzerland was the first country to introduce the Energy label for faucets, providing a quick overview of the energy used for water. More about this programme by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy...

The European Display Campaign

20 European communities founded 2003 «the European Display™»-Campaign, today Lausanne, Modena, Frankfurt and many more are also members. This federation encourages the authorities to announce their efforts to save the environment in public buildings. They also recommend using AquaClic...

Myclimate empfiehlt Wassersparen mit AquaClic

Climate tip No. 10: Use a water saving showerhead and your family will save CHF 460.- / € 300.- per year.

Saving water and energy must not be boring – choose your showerhead design in the AquaClic-Shop

AquaClic Wassersparer sind nach australischem Standard zertifiziert.

Certificated For The Australian Standard

AquaClic has been awarded with the 6-Stern Zertifikat (pdf, 0.2 MB) of «WELS» (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme).
The swiss watersaver has also been certificated with the strict Australian standard of the «WSAA». The maximum of five "A" has been awarded.

Ökobilanz für einen AquaClic (pdf, 0.1 MB)

Life cycle assessment

To produce one AquaClic, we used:
  • 4.5 litres of water
  • 0.23 kWh energy
  • 930 environmental pollution points. In comparison: 100 gr of biological meat has 1030 environmental pollution points.
  • The eco report (pdf, 0.1 MB)

Energy city

The label «Energy city» is awarded to cities and towns no matter its size that realise and decide on defined measures to lower energy consumption. AquaClics with «Energy city»-design are accredited and supported by this association, a programme of "SwissEnergy", the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.


Switzerland's largest food and non food retailer recommends AquaClic:

Services cantonaux

Auf der französischsprachigen Website werden viele Informationen aufgezeigt, wie und wo man Energie sparen und die Umwelt schützen kann; beim Duschen und bei der WC-Spülung wird auf AquaClic hingewiesen.
Wasser sparen attraktiver gestalten: Mit AquaClic und myblueplanet.

myblueplanet und Ökodienst

LEBE, Lehrer und Lehrerinnenverband des Kantons Bern

WWF Schweiz

AquaClic sponsert Oceancare den Robben AquaClic.

Ocean Care

Economiser l'eau avec AquaClic

Pro Natura



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