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AquaClic®- conserving water in hospitals and institutional homes

Excerpts from references from hospitals and institutional homes which save money and energy by using AquaClics on faucets and as shower heads.

Konradhof Senior Home

Konradhof Senior Home

The Konradhof senior home and other homes in Winterthur and environs had AquaClics installed as part of the «Corporate Volunteering Projects», sponsored by AXA, details...
Bethesda Nursing Home, Küsnacht

Bethesda Nursing Home, Küsnacht

"After an adaptation period, the test phase of the shower head has gone extremely well. And there was no need to sacrifice the stimulating effect of the previous full jet of water during this time. I am convinced that this will be the solution for our public showers." P. Steiner, Head, Technical Services.

Lindberg Klinik, Winterthur

Lindberg Medical Clinic, Winterthur

The Lindberg Medical Clinic, located in Winterthur, installed individually customized AquaClics on its faucets (some of them as theft-proof version).
regionales krankenheim lindenfeld

Lindenfeld Regional Care hospital, Suhr

Inspired by a suggestion by one of its staff, the facility's employees were able to acquire AquaClic water savers at a special discount. The hospital set a good example, and equipped its faucets with AquaClic water savers.
Pestalozzi Children's Foundation

Pestalozzi Children's Village

For every AquaClic shower head that was ordered via the sponsoring project, both we and environmental advisory Gammarus donated a shower head to the children's village to help conserve water. From follow-up orders we've been able to learn that the Pestalozzi home is very happy with their showers.
«Installing the showerhead was very simple and the shower action is very good; the children didn't notice a thing. It used to be 17 l/min, after the change it's 9 l/min.»  Othmar Zips, Village Keeper
Rodania Stiftung für Schwerbehinderte, Grenchen Das Heim stattete seine Wasserhähne und Duschen wassersparend mit AquaClic aus.

Rodania Foundation for the severely disabled, Grenchen

The home equipped its faucets and showers with water-conserving AquaClics.

We would be happy to provide you with references from hospitals and institutions, many of whose facilities we've helped to achieve environmental upgrades...
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