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FAQ - AquaClic Flex shower hose

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Does the Flex hose fit all shower mixer taps?

Yes, definitely. Flex hose has the standard diameter (half-inch).

Do I need to have a Flex hose to save water or energy or to use an AquaClic shower head?
No, but if your hose is getting old (e.g. when you can see the plastic between the metal spiral) or is a very cheap one, it should be replaced. AquaClic shower heads create a lot of pressure, which requires a sturdy hose.

What makes the Flex hose special?

It's PVC-free (made of PU, a more eco-friendly material than PVC), very hygienic and does not scratch the bathtub. Detailed info on Flex hose...

Instructions for use - AquaClic Flex shower hose

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  1. Unscrew the shower head from the old hose. (If it has limescale, spray it with descaler, or wind a wet rag around the bit which turns. Unscrew carefully with a pair of pliers).
  2. Screw the end piece with the grey sleeve (a) onto the shower head.
  3. Screw the end piece with the ribbed surface (b) to your shower faucet.
  4. If necessary, push back the washer in the hose or insert an extra washer (a spare washer is included with the product. They can also be ordered free of charge).
  5. Caution: do not over-tighten. Finger-tight is sufficient, please don't use pliers.
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ribbed revolving end (b) connects to tap
Geriffelter Konus zur Armatur - cône cannelé vers la douchette - screw checkered side to the shower head
If necessary, (4) push back the washer

Keeping the hose kink-free

After the hose has been used for a while, the turning mechanism may have accumulated limescale.
Proceed as follows:
  • Unscrew the hose.
  • Remove the washer.
  • Slide back the cone.
  • Remove the plastic disc under the cone
  • and lubricate the o-ring beneath it with a little Vaseline or Nivea Creme. After that, it should turn smoothly: if not, please contact us.

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