Corporate Volunteering / Eco sponsoring

Sponsoring + corporate Volunteering examples

Mitarbeitende der UBS installieren ca. 200 Wasserspar- und Standby Produkte beim Verein IWB ( Bildergalerie
A UBS employee fits a water-saving shower head

UBS sponsored an integrated housing for the handicapped

UBS employees install approx. 200 water-saving and stand-by products for the IWB Association, who provide integrated housing for the handicapped.
Mitarbeitende der Swisscom installieren Wasserspareinsätze, Küchenbrausen im Altersheim

Swisscom – sponsored a retirement home

Swisscom employees install water-savers for faucets in kitchen and baths at the Konradhof retirement home in Winterthur.

Axa-Winterthur, Corporate Volunteering

AXA Winterthur Insurance sponsored a nursing / psychiaty home

AXA Winterthur employees fit water-savers to taps and showers at Konradhof Winterthur, IPW integrated psychiatry, supervised by myblueplanet. Details...

Mammut, Davos

Mammut Sporting Goods sponsored a highschool and Davos families

The team “Social Responsibility” of Mammut organized planning, communication and sponsorship of the project: Highschool students, equipped with AquaClics in the design of ”Mammut“ and “Davos” and watersaving showerheads went from door to door (of course the local newspaper had informed beforehand about the project).

The students showed the families, how AquaClic works and installed them directly onto their faucets and showers to all who wanted to buy. Read more...

Rupp Ltd, building and plumbing company sponsored the municipality

Within an AquaClic-community project in the municipality of Worb (BE) the local building company, Rupp Ltd., sponsored and installed the retirement homes with AquaClics for the faucet. They bear Rupp's cheerful individual design and his logo on it.

With this, Rupp demonstrated to visitors, residents, employees, the press

more ... learn more about watersavers
or the town's authorities, that it cared about the environment – and actively contributed a tool to save energy, water and costs.

A great ”side effect“ was that with his presence on the faucets no other building company would ever (or at last during 20 years of an AquaClic's minimum lifetime) do any works in the home. And for any leaking faucet of people knowing the home, for sure Rupp would be the first plumber that comes to their mind to have it fixed.

“We were very pleased with the many and positive feedbacks of this sponsoring.”

H.U. Rupp, Owner

Link to other projects with AquaClic in the municipality of Worb

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Klimaschutzverein Myblueplanet hat die Migos ein «Corporate Volunteering»-Pilotprojekt realisiert:

Migros (supermarkets) sponsored AquaClics for schools and kindergartens

The Migros sponsoring + corporate volunteering project in detail:

On World Climate Day on the 8th of December, over 50 Migros employees pledged to save 70 tonnes of CO2.

In a volunteer campaign during working hours, they converted taps and shower heads at schools and kindergartens. They also fitted water-saving devices at the Zurich-Limmatplatz-Migros tower. ... more learn more about watersavers

AquaClic screw-on accessories limit water flow by about half, thus saving energy that would have been used to heat water, resulting in a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

The aim of the campaign is to save 701 tonnes of CO2 a year* by fitting water-saving attachments to over 1000 taps and showers.

The water-saving tap and shower attachments were supplied by Migros, who stock them at their Do It + Garden stores.

The campaign is financed by Migros, but the institutions who received the accessories were asked to make a donation to a myblueplanet climate protection project.

The volunteers worked on the campaign during office hours. Migros employees organised the campaign in collaboration with myblueplanet, in the cantons of Zurich, Bern, Schaffhausen, Lucerne, Zug, Aargau und Thurgau.


myblueplanet is a citizens' initiative non-profit organisation with the goal of making a concrete, measurable contribution to climate protection.

Migros is engaged as one of the BlueCompanies with corporate volunteering, and also sponsors myblueplanet.

*By comparison: 70 tonnes of CO2 correspond to a saving of 23,000 litres of heating oil. This amount of oil is sufficient to heat eleven family homes for a year.

Source: Migros

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