No limescale buildup

AquaClic water savers have virtually no limescale buildup and are extremely durable

Left: metal filter
Right: AquaClic filter

Left: metal filter with limescale build-up
Right: AquaClic filter
The faucet aerator* of the AquaClic water saver builds up limescale some 10 times slower than a conventional metal filter.
  • Filter is constructed of limescale-resistant medical plastic
  • The water exits from large openings. This prevents water from evaporating, as well as limescale from forming and blocking the openings.
So, if you've been decalcifying every 2 months, with AquaClic you'll only need to do so every 2 years.

The illustration at left shows limescale build-up on metal filter and AquaClic over the same period of time. While almost no water can flow through the metal filter, water continues to freely flow through the AquaClic.
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The AquaClics' colored and stainless steel housing withstands cold, heat and all commercially available decalcifying and cleaning agents, with the exception of soaking in cleaning vinegar. They should also not be scratched, so please do not use steel wool, pliers or scouring agents. Experience with our customers has shown us that the useful service life is at least 10 years or more.

also called filter, perlator