Energy Efficiency Faucet

Energieeffizienz beim Wassersparen am Wasserhahn

Energy label – now for faucets, too
Switzerland was the first country to introduce the Energy label for faucets, providing a quick overview of the energy used for water. More: Details: Swiss Federal Office of Energy...

Instead of 10 - 15 l/min (2.6 - 4 US gal.) with a regular tap:

Depending on where you buy your AquaClic, it will be in the A or B Class. You can also choose to swap the flow-regulator (picture on the left, no. 4) for another one.

You can find regulators in the AquaClic online shop under «Options» for AquaClics or under «Accessories».

Important information

If the water flow is reduced significantly, this may cause (but not necessarily):
  • Temperature fluctuations.
  • Whistling noises.
  • Flow should not be reduced too heavily with infrequently-used or problematic water supplies, in order to prevent the accumulation of deposits.

Pflegen Sie Ihre Wasserleitungen

Please rinse!

Regardless of whether you're saving a lot, a little or no water at all, rinse your water pipes through once or twice a year. This will prevent the accumulation of rust and limescale particles. Intructions
  1. Unscrew all AquaClics, shower heads or aerators from faucets and shower hoses.
  2. Turn hot and cold taps on full, rinse through for about 1 minute, or until the water runs clear.
Careful – it splashes!

Flow-rate classes

6 l /
1.6 gal./min

Well-proven, time-tested. Satisfying water jet. For all faucets in homes, offices, schools etc.

5 l /
1.3 gal./min

5 l/min – very sufficient to wash your hands, brush your teeth or rinse vegetables.

3 l /
0.8 gal./min

Gentle spray with half the water of A or B regulators. Ideal for small washbasins, to prevent splashes.
Please see "Important information" above.

3 l /
0.8 gal./min

This spray uses half as much as an A or B AquaClic: a soft mini-shower for hands, powerful enough to rinse off even the thickest lather easily. Please see "Important information" above.

1.9 l /
0.5 gal./min

It's incredible how little water you need to wash your hands. Amaze yourself! Please see "Important information" above.

8 l /
2 gal./min

If you often fill large containers, this regulator represents a good compromise between saving water and tempo.

10 l /
2.6 gal./min

Need more water, to fill containers faster in a big kitchen or laundry room? Select the large kitchen adaptor from the AquaClic accessories.

12 l /
3 gal./min

Like to fit your bathtub with an AquaClic too, but want it to fill quickly? Get your AquaClic pre-fitted with this regulator, by selecting the bathtub adaptor option (in Accessories).

Energy Efficiency A

Energy Label B

Energy Label D

Energy Label E
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