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How to keep your resolutions with motivational AquaClics

How to really keep your resolutions 

“95% of the people who've made New Year's resolutions have already broken them by 15th January”
Tony Robbins, American life coach

5 tips to get out of the “What-the-Hell” Syndrome
  1. Formulate realistic goals in writing: I will lose x kg, do sport x times a week etc. Do not write: I “should”, because “should” gets you nothing except a bad conscience.

  2. Schedule when you're going to do it,

  3. Start immediately: in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month, in middle of the year: This allows you to program your brain automatically so you can always start smack in the middle. And not just on a special date! This allows you to arm yourself successfully against the “What-the-hell” syndrome, which affects many, if they smoke a cigarette, skip their workout or eat that extra serving of ice cream, thereby immediately putting off the whole resolution until the “right time” comes *.

  4. So if you stumble, get right back up again!

  5. The motivational Clics actively support you: About 10 times a day, you look at the message on a tap for about 15 seconds that reminds you of your resolutions. For example:
Tap location: Suggested motivational AquaClic
Kitchen (food)
What I eat in private I wear in public
Bathroom (sport)

Excuses don't burn calories
Business (career)

The future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow

What's more, every motivational AquaClic consists of several texts: it's designed so you can rotate it to show whatever side you want.

*Remember that “the right time” never comes. You have to create it yourself!

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