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AquaClic for all faucets
Soft spray, clogs 10 x less, 3-6 l/min, 0.8-1.3 US gal/min, colour or stainless steel, various designs.

Watersaving showerhead
Full bodied flow, 5-11 l/min, 1.3-2.9 US gal/min, limescale-free, colour or stainless steel.

Design showerhead
Tingling spray, 8-13 l/min, 2.1-3.4 US gal/min, unique design in stainless steel.

Cuisine + Voyage
Soft or powerful kitchen spray, ideal for camper, boat or hotel.

Public + Gasto
For public toilets + showers, theft-proof models.

Hose AquaClic Flex
No PVC , extra long, reinforced, hygienic and easy to clean.

AquaClic Accessories
Replacements for AquaClic watersavers, WC-Stop, Protecteur.

Kits, news, sale
Ready-to-go sets, interesting discounts, new AquaClic products.
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