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AquaClic: saving water and energy with style

Tap into the future. Go AquaClic®

Friendly, Fun and Functional: Swiss Water Savers: Combine Good Taste with Good Conscience!

How to increase your energy savings without changing your lifestyle!

With the cool stainless-steel and coloured savers for tap and shower you'll save 50% but enjoy a strong, pleasant spray, they:
  • fit to all taps and showers,
  • save half water, energy and approx. 100.- per person and year
  • embellish kitchen and bath.
  • Worldwide service, Swiss made, 4 weeks money back-option, 3-10 years guarantee.
  • Surprise family and friends now with these ingenious gifts!

Swiss Made Watersaver These Swiss  quality products are shipped from our warehouse in California. Swiss Made Watersaver


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