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Corporates with AquaClic Because AquaClics are more than just watersaving nozzles. Various designs and materials make this Swiss-made product an individual, meaningful and sustainable advertising medium, an ideal gift and an efficient water and energy saver.

Advertise with stylish faucet attachments – and leave a lasting impression!

AquaClic® – energy saver and promotional item in one

Advertise with stylish and innovative faucet attachments – and leave a lasting impression!

AquaClic is more than just a watersaving nozzle. Various designs and materials make this Swiss-made product an individual, meaningful and sustainable advertising medium, an ideal gift and an efficient water and energy saver.

You'll be surprised how these small, Swiss-made devices save your business money while promoting your image:

more... learn more about watersavers
And there's more:
Werbeartikel, die gleichzeitig Wasser, Energie, Kosten sparen

Cut costs and promote your image!

Use AquaClics wherever significant amounts of water and energy are consumed: at your company, in the cafeteria, in offices, hotels, in your house or apartment, in commercial premises, etc.

AquaClics display your commitment to the environment and pay for themselves in a few short months...

AquaClic Wassersparer als Werbeartikel werden täglich gesehen

Advertise on what your target group is looking at several times a day!

You can advertise your product or business wherever AquaClics are saving water and energy: your logo or design, featured on individual AquaClics, acts as a charming message when seen by employees, customers, guests, club members, patients, journalists, etc.

By the way, for faucets in public premises the AquaClic is also available in a theft-proof version.

Diverse individuelle AquaClic-Wassersparer

Highlight yourself in appealing fashion!

What else lets you advertise multiple times per day over a span of years – often in the privacy of the customer's own home? All while being discreet yet eye-catching? And always in the same fixed spot as well (not even the most expensive pen can claim as much!)?
Produce your own individualized AquaClic for taps or showers starting with orders as small as 50 units.
Mammut spart Wasser mit AquaClic
This cool logo does not need any work over...

What to do if your logo isn't naturally «cool»

Benefit from having your customers screw your "advertising Clic" onto their faucets – voluntarily and gladly! No one wants to look at a big fat advertising nozzle while brushing their teeth in their own bathroom. Still, your advertising Clic should come across appealingly and attractively on public faucets too – in the theater, at your company, in a restaurant or hospital which you might sponsor. The trick? more ... learn more about watersavers


Just make your logo attractive! Have a look at these examples for your graphic designers. In addition, the AquaClic artists are there for you!How an attractive AquaClic can be made from even the most uninteresting logo...
AquaClic Wassersparer sind viel mehr als ein Gadget

Much more than just a «gadget» or «giveaway»

AquaClic is the only image and advertising medium manufactured in eco-friendly fashion that protects the environment, features an appealing look, saves energy, CO2 and conserves water and is made of high-quality materials and helps you convey a modern, contemporary image. Incidentally, you'll also be saving your customers cold hard cash! How AquaClics are different from other watersaving devices...
Die passende Verpackung zu den Wasserspar-Werbeartikeln

The right packaging for any occasion

  • A household set for employees?
  • An appealing gift box for your customer presentations?
  • Packaging tough enough for the mailbox slot?
  • Industrial packaging for your newly built premises?
We've taken care of everything for you...

Sammelbestellung Wassersparer AquaClic für Mitarbeitende

Special offers for employees

Offer your employees discounted watersavers at no cost to you. Credit Suisse, IBM and the municipality of Melide have already taken advantage of this service. Read the details...

Corporate Volunteering mit AquaClic

Better (and less expensive) than any motivation seminar: corporate volunteering with AquaClics

Want to improve your image or employee solidarity? Follow the example of Mammut, which eco-equipped 1,000 households in Davos together with school students. Or AXA or Migros, whose employees equipped schools and retirement homes with energy-efficient, watersavings devices. more ... learn more about watersavers
With AquaClic it's inexpensive, effective and easy! From technical work to team leadership, communication and the search for a sponsor – you decide, and our experienced partner is there to assist you: myblueplanet, a citizens' initiative and non-profit organization that seeks to make a concrete and measurable contribution to climate protection. Information on this new type of employee motivation...

Preise, Demomodelle zum Wasser sparen

Ask for your quote, sample, details

Overview, two pages (pdf, 3 MB)...
For your boss and your advertising customers: How AquaClics are different from watersaving nozzles...

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