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Eco-Chrome / Stainless Steel

ecological showerhead Clima

Brilliant AND ecological ? its possible!

Many people esteem shiny fittings and often install them in their bathrooms and kitchens. The simplest way  learn more about watersavers
to lend a shine to cheaper synthetic materials is to chrome plate them. This method is widely used.

What many don't know:
This process releases dangerous substances and in Europe can only be carried out with the strictest safety measures and corresponding costs. As a result, many low-cost providers have their products chrome plated far away overseas, where there are few constraints or controls.

Untreated Stainless Steel

For the most part, at AquaClic we refrain from chrome plating and instead use high-quality, untreated stainless steel or make stylish, amusing or quirky creations from brass, which has received a special (food grade) coating.

Chrome Plating to Swiss Environmental Standards

Because we know that some of you like to match shower heads or faucet aerators with your existing chrome-plated fittings, we offer these too and concentrate on quality here as well:

AquaClic guarantees that all our chrome-plated and stainless steel models meet strict Swiss health and environmental standards. More information on chrome plating, its effects and consequences here...

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