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FAQ & Instructions Cuisine /Précision

Küchenauszugsbrause und Körperbrause

"Cuisine" Kitchen and Travel Shower User Manual

AssemblyDescaling the Showerhead ·• TipsProblems?
Küchenbrause Cuisine + Voyage

Unscrew your current showerhead from the hose.

Einzelteile Ausziehbrause

Cuisine Components and Accessories:


Screw Thread
7. AquaClic Cuisine Economy Shower Head
2. Covering Rosette 8.
Adjustment Button: Economy Stream or Shower Stream
3. Seal (2 pc)
9. Seal
4. Special Adapter 10. Flow Controller with pressure compensation 5.5 l/min
Additional Seal 11.
6. Hose (not included)
Showerhead Bayonet Cap with Water Outlets (Rubber Nubs)

Which accessories will you need?

A) Most Common Thread

This thread, or groove, is approx. 15 mm long:
You will just need to use the current seal in the hose. If it's worn or broken, replace it with the included additional seal (No. 5 in the components diagram).

B) Your showerhead requires 2 seals...

if the thread is approx. 22 mm. Place both seals (3) in the turning part of the shower hose.

C) You will need the special adapter (No. 4) for your showerhead if:

  • the plug is approx. 24 mm long, but not grooved along its entire length, only for about the upper third;
  • your showerhead is a KWC model, older than approx. 4 years:
  1. Slide the rosette (2) over the thread,
  2. Place the thick seal (3) in the adapter
  3. Screw the adapter (4) onto the showerhead (1).
Brause in den Konus des Schlauchs schrauben
Screw the showerhead into the hose taper

Screwing on

No matter which of the 3 variants you have: now screw the showerhead onto the hose.

Kopfteil mit Bajonettverschluss zu öffnen
Opening the bayonet cap head

Descaling and cleaning the showerhead

1. Open up the showerhead:
  • turn anticlockwise and
  • pull firmly, thus removing the head.

Durchflussmengenregler von unten und von oben
Continuous flow controller top and bottom

2. Descale parts with an old tooth or nail brush, using a commercial descaler, if necessary, reassemble the parts and screw the head back on.

Kopfteil mit Kerbe für O-Ring
Head plus o-ring groove

Tip to keep the showerhead sealed for years:
  • from time to time, take the o-ring (11) out of its groove in the head (12),
  • grease the o-ring with Vaseline or Nivea cream, thus keeping it pliable,
  • place back in groove
  • close the showerhead.

Will "Cuisine" be suitable for all water cocks?

Yes, if you have a valve with a pull-out hose. "Cuisine" comes with various additional seals and adapters, so it can fit all valves, even old KWC ones (Swiss).

Lassen Sie den Installateur den Schlauch auswechseln

Pipe replacement

Replacing the pipe under your sink is a job for professionals. Your plumber will also provide the correct pipe.

If the adjustment button jams...

this can be caused by 2 issues:

1. Seal

the seal in the showerhead has fallen out upon opening, e.g. during descaling. If you cannot find it, we will be happy to send you another one free of charge.

2. Pressure

(rare) the water pressure is too high to negotiate the relatively large transition from 12 to 5.5 litres per minute. In this case, please send us the showerhead (letting us know beforehand by phone or email). To avoid this problem reoccurring, reduce the pressure as follows:

A) Each time the stopcock is used:

  1. Open the stopcock to about half
  2. Press the adjustment button
  3. Now open the stopcock fully

B) Or reduce the pressure permanently:

  1. Remove the angle stop valve caps under the washbasin or sink.
  2. Fully open the water cock, just cold water at first,
  3. Set the economy showerhead to "shower" ,
  4. Using a coin as a sort of screwdriver, turn the running water clockwise ("turning off"),
  5. until you notice at what point the volume of water reduces (point x).
  6. Turn the coin anticlockwise ("turning on"), but only so far as the point where full continuous flow is achieved (usually this is slightly less than one quarter of turn after "point x").
  7. Repeat from step 2 with hot water.

Contact us with your questions.

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