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FAQ + Instructions Faucet

Questions and answers about conserving tap water with the AquaClic®

Do the water-saving nozzles fit?

  1. Does the AquaClic® also fit my water faucet?
  2. Do AquaClics fit in every country?
  3. Can AquaClics fit on a small sinks in guest bathrooms where there's little space between the sink and the faucet?
  4. Does the AquaClic® fit bathtub faucets?
  5. Does the AquaClic® fit instantaneous water heaters or pressureless water heaters?
  6. How are the 50% less expensive Migros M-Budget-Clics different from the AquaClic?

Questions about conserving water with (or without) the AquaClic®

  1. Why save water in the kitchen?
  2. How can you prevent AquaClics from being stolen?
  3. My plumber says that the AquaClic® can cause technical or hygiene problems
  4. Does the AquaClic® make your faucet leak?
  5. Will using the AquaClic® clog my pipes?
  6. Why should anyone conserve water in the first place?
  7. But there are less-expensive watersaving devices, why should I pay more for AquaClics?
  8. Further information on conserving water in general...

Technical questions, instruction manual, cleaning/maintenance...

Does the AquaClic® fit my water faucet?

Passt an alle Wasserhahnen

AquaClics fit all water faucets, with the exception of unpressurized faucets.

By using the included universal adapter (the upper black part on the AquaClic) AquaClics will fit:
  • faucets with inner threads
AquaClic® an Hahn mit Aussengewinde

  • or on a faucet with outer threads (unscrew the adapter).

See the instruction manual...
Bei einigen Brausen braucht es einen Spezialadapter von AquaClic

Sometimes, a special adapter is required:
  • for some extendable kitchen faucets
  • for some older water faucets
  • for some modern designer taps. Unfortunately, lately manufacturers of designer faucets have begun producing special thread sizes. We have fabricated transition parts for the most common faucets that fall under this exception.


Formular zum Wasser sparen mit AquaClic

Use this form to send us a brief description of your faucet and we'll find out which adapter you need.

Do AquaClics fit in every country?

Mit AquaClic® können Sie in fast allen Ländern der Welt Wasser sparen!
AquaClics fit in almost every country in the world
With their universal adapter, AquaClics feature a worldwide standardized size: M22/24 for faucets with inner or outer threads.

They fit – with the potential need for an adapter as described above – in every country except for:

  • England in (mostly older) buildings with cisterns/fall pipes that have too little pressure (see pressureless water heaters). However, AquaClics fit without a problem in buildings with contemporary standard installations (mixer taps, thread on faucet).
  • Japan: many faucet manufacturers use a separate thread size on taps. We have transition parts available for the most common threads

Do AquaClics fit designer faucets?

Dank unseren Adaptern ist es nun möglich, auch an Design-Wasserhahnen mit AquaClic® Wasser zu sparen!
Example of a designer faucet with 19mm outer thread
Recently, manufacturers of designer water faucets have begun to use non-standard threads. We've produced adapters for most of these and you can get them from us free of charge. If you require a special adapter, contact us.

Do AquaClics fit a small sink in the guest bathroom?

Der AquaClic® ist etwas länger als andere Strahlregler – sonst hätten die Dessins keinen Platz drauf...
Use AquaClics to conserve water in the guest bathroom
The AquaClic® is somewhat longer than other flow regulators – otherwise the colour or stainless-steel-design wouldn't fit on it!

In spite of this, you can still comfortably wash your hands, because the full-bodied, pleasant spray of water doesn't splash no matter how close your hands get to where the water comes out (is there anything more annoying than turning on a faucet in a restaurant bathroom and – splash! – you're all wet?).
As a result, AquaClics are perfectly suited for faucets in small guest bathrooms.

Do AquaClics fit bathtub faucets?

Aus einem Badewannenhahn fliessen etwa 30 Liter pro Minute, total ca. 200 Liter. Some 30 liters of water flow from a bathtub faucet per minute, or a total of roughly 200 liters in order to fill the tub. It takes 3-6 times longer with the AquaClic, by which time the water's become cold. So AquaClics aren't exactly ideal for taking baths. But –

use the tub for other things: let the kids play, do the wash, etc. Thus we also offer:
  • the bathtub adapter (in the shop under «Accessories»). The adapter is charged separately since this is a non-standard use of AquaClics.
  • the 12-liter regulator (under "Accessories" or "Options" for the AquaClics).

Do AquaClics fit instantaneous water heaters and unpressurized hot water devices?

druckloser Untertischspeicher Wasserboilder
Unpressurized hot water devices
Do not use AquaClics on water faucets or showers with pressureless hot-water devices, also known as low-pressure heaters , e.g. under-counter heaters:

This can result in excessive pressure and lead to water damage. If you find a pressure indication on your hot water equipment specifying «1 bar» or more, you can safely use the AquaClic® watersaving device. How to recognize unpressurized hot water devices:
seldom identified as pressureless hot water heaters, these can be confused with instantaneous water heaters , which can be used with AquaClics. Find out more...

(Switzerland) How are the 50% less expensive Migros M-Budget-Clics different from the other models?

Migros-Budget-Clics They're exactly the same, except for the design! Migros literally offers «50% savings» – at half the price too! Which means that anyone that wants to conserve water with the AquaClic® can first try things out super inexpensively. And since many consumers are convinced by the trial and purchase additional AquaClic® watersavers or low-flow showerheads, Migros is able to offer these M-Budget-Clics for promotional purposes (which we, as a Swiss manufacturer, deliver at the same price as other models).

Is conserving water in the kitchen worth it?

Wassersparen, CO2 ausstoss verringern,

«I don't want to wait so long for the pot to fill up with water so I can cook spaghetti.»

In the kitchen we use about 6 times more water
  • to wash vegetables
  • to wash dishes
  • to rinse out a dishrag
than we use to fill a container. So using the AquaClic® in the kitchen to conserve water results in particularly high savings. Still, it takes 2-3 times as long to fill a pot with water with the stream emitted by the AquaClic! So what should you do?
If you have a pull-out kitchen sprayer the solution's simple:
  1. screw on the AquaClic® (if necessary, order an «Adapter Cuisine» under "Accessories")
  2. or use the Cuisine + Voyage, the original watersaving kitchen faucet.
  3. To quickly fill a container, simply choose between:
    • the 6-liter AquaClic® economy flow(1.6 gal.)
    • or the 12-liter faucet spray (3.2 gal.)
If you have a conventional faucet, obtain an 8-liter regulator (Accessories). Even in this case, you'll be hugely reducing your water usage from the previous 10-15 l/min (2.6-4 gal.).

My water company, my plumber, my neighbor says:

Using AquaClic® will cause technical problems or problems with limescale or hygiene...
Unbeschwert Wasser sparen in der Ferienwohnung! ...because the limited amount of water that flows through the pipes will cause stagnant water to form which could then breed bacteria and germs.

If that were true, there would be no such thing as vacation homes, which by nature have water left unused in their pipes over long periods of time, and the water just sits...and sits...
Read more on this...

Examples of some institutions that endorse AquaClics to conserve water...
and of some municipalities that use and/or recommend AquaClic...

Does the AquaClic® make your faucet leak?
A water faucet that's turned off is always under pressure by accumulated water. Among others, this pressure is countered by washers inside the faucet. Turning on the faucet relieves the pressure on the washers. Over time, and depending on the line pressure – and even the faucet's construction and quality – these washers can become "tired", with the result that the faucet starts to drip.
Since less water flows when using the AquaClic, this can lead to greater pressure on the washers. As a result, a process of wear that has already begun may progress more rapidly and lead to a water faucet dripping earlier that it otherwise would have done if no watersaving device was used. Information on how to repair a leaky faucet...

Does using AquaClics clog pipes?

Marode Leitungen werden mit AquaClic® nicht schlechter ...aber auch nicht besser...
Worn-out pipes don't get worse with the AquaClic...but they don't get better either...

Clogged pipes are the result of many years of sediments being deposited.

If you were to discover a blockage of this type after AquaClics were attached, this would be a coincidence and would not be caused by an AquaClic.

How do particles become deposited in pipes?

Residues can be deposited in pipes depending on
  • the age of the pipes
  • whether, and how, the pipes were serviced
  • the quality of the water
eckventile nicht drosseln!

If «angle valves» were restricted

in order to decrease the flow of water, this can also lead to sediment deposits. We recommend you don't use this method.

Info on low flow rates...

The solution to clogging? Perform maintenance on your pipes!

öffnen Sie 1-2 mal im Jahr die Wasserleitung voll
Turn on all faucets all the way 1-2 times a year
Regardless of whether you conserve water or not: once or twice a year, turn on all your water faucets all the way and let the water flow for a few minutes. This will rinse out rust, lime and other dirt.

When doing so, remove all AquaClics or other flow regulators from your faucets and remove showerheads from their hoses.

SVGW, Schweiz. Verband für das Gas- und Wasserfach / SVGW Société Suisse Installateurs


AquaClic correspond to the regulations see certifications...
Find out more in the article: “Difference of AquaClic® to other aerators”...

Instructions AquaClic aerators

No limescale buildup
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