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Any eco-shower head can offer an ecological jet. But:

there are none like AquaClic shower heads that pamper you with a full and comfortable shower, too (that's what the Swiss consumer magazine “Kassensturz” also thinks.)
douchette économique


  • Clima, the «everyday» showerhead, consumer magazine «Kassensturz» winner: vigorous spray, maximum savings potential. Attachmenbt «softspray» available for a soft spray.
  • Super flat, elegant «Prosecco» showerhead with bubbly, soft shower jet, enriched with oxygen.
  • Variété: connoisseur showerhead with 5 settings – and you'll still shower environmentally friendly!
  • Elégance designer showerhead: soft spray, wellness function and very, very elegant in stainless steel.
  • «Précision»: super light shower head with 2 precise spray functions: ideal for small cubicles like in camping cars.
  • Wall shower head “Publique” for public showers: maximum savings potential, anti-vandal protection and flexible spray directions
  • Wall shower heads Clima or Easy: vigorous or soft spray for wall showers in private homes

Discover below the selected showerheads or check out this Easy Showerhead Guide: Which showerhead is the best for me?

beliebteste AquaClic sparbrausen für die Dusche; les économiseurs favoris pour la douche; topsellers for the faucet

Ratgeber Duschkopf

Showerhead Clima

Big showerheads: 35.- to 42.-

Wellness shower 160 à 210.-

Wall Showers

Accessories, hose

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