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Saving Water in Hotels

AquaClic in hotels: more comfort, less costs

Warm water contains 150 times more energy than cold water
Stilvoll Wasser sparen in Hotels: AquaClic machts möglich!

Don't let this happen to you - get the AquaClic®:

“... The shower was a disaster - an irregular, stinging jet of water from a shower head completely covered with limestone, defective hose ...”

The most overlooked way to save energy in a hotel? Hot water!

Do you encourage your guests to use towels more than once? That’s a good start! But one you can easily top! Because the potential for water savings in the shower exceeds any decrease in laundry many times over!

Concerned that your hotel might appear stingy or that your guests will end up under a weak showerhead? Not with AquaClic!

Pamper your guests with a pleasant, generous shower - while still cutting costs.

1. Comfort – for guests and staff alike

Hotel Alexander Zürich
“All the rooms at the Hotel Alexander are equipped with AquaClics. We haven't seen any loss in service quality and our guests are satisfied with our newly renovated rooms. In addition, we've been able to significantly reduce our water and heating expenses. We're happy to recommend this product.”
Felix Helbling, Hotel Alexander, Zürich

Showering with a powerful yet gentle water jet

The water-saving “Clima” shower head (winner of a ‘best’ rating by Kassensturz, the Swiss consumer magazine) treats you to a full, powerful stream of water normally achievable only with twice the amount of water. Details on the Clima...


Significantly reduce your maintenance

How the Clima water-saving shower head can guarantee you no limescale for at least 5 years (even in the Jura – the area with Switzerland's chalkiest water!):
  • large discharge openings,
  • limescale-repelling, low-maintenance material (ABS),
  • strong water turbulence prevents particles from being deposited and calcifying - watch the video...

2. Cost Savings

A hotel...
  • open six months per year,
  • with 100 rooms,
  • will amortize AquaClic faucets and showers in 14 months and then save,
  • approximately 6,000.- per year in water and energy costs, Water Savings Calculator...

3. Image Branding

hotel alvetern ardez
Demonstrate your active commitment to conserving resources, e.g.:

Hotel Alvatern, located in Ardez (Switzerland), equipped its rooms with AquaClic faucets and showers and mentions them as ecological assets when describing its rooms...

Den Umweltkleber gibts auch in F,E,Sp,I
In the shower, the AquaClic ecosticker provides information on environmental commitment.
Das Casino-Theater zeigt mit einem individuellen Dessin, dass es Energie und Wasser spart (diebstahlsicheres Modell für öffentliche Hähne)
Casino-Theater Winterthur
This water faucet at the famous Casino Theater in Winterthur (Switzerland) employs an amazing “trompe l'oeil” Theatre-Clic to show that it saves energy and water (anti-theft model for public faucets).
AquaClics sind eine runde Sache für Hotels, Gäste, die Umwelt und die Buchhalter Everyone knows about AquaClic, everyone's happy:
  • your guests, thanks to the pleasant stream of water,
  • your technical staff, who no longer need to remove limestone,
  • the hotel owner, thanks to lower water + energy bills, and because protecting the environment is also good for a company's image,
  • and of course we as well, the Swiss manufacturer. Satisfied customers enable us to continue to manufacture our inexpensive and high quality watersavers in Switzerland.

Tips and ideas that let you take maximum advantage of the AquaClic product range

Get paid for saving water! Let your business associates advertise on your faucets! Whether a food manufacturer, casino, partner hotel, tour operator, energy supplier, cosmetics supplier, bank or airline...

AquaClic fits any faucet and any line of business. The AquaClic range is a witty, innovative yet discreet advertising space which your guests – and your clients’ potential customers – will see several times per day in a pleasant way.

How to prevent theft?

Souvenir hunters have no chance when you use the theft-proof AquaClic model. It looks practically identical, but can only be removed with a special key. Find out more about this theft-proof water saver...

Apt Souvenir Idea

At the same time, if you’d like to offer your guests AquaClics as an apt souvenir, simply give them the opportunity to buy them! Showcase them in our special presentation box as part of our consignment program.

For your very special guests – the classy wellness shower head AquaClic Elégance

Pamper your most demanding guests with the Elégance designer showerhead:
  • wonderful design in elegant stainless steel,
  • soft jet of water evokes a feeling of wellness,
  • therapeutic Kneipp functions.

For indoor pool or sauna: the wall shower "Publique"

Most wall showers are difficult to adjust – but not the "Publique". Just 2 simple hand adjustments are needed to set water volume (1-11 liters/min), angle, height and width of the water jet, in line with the type of public poolgoers and local circumstances. You can find more information and a video showcasing our vandalism-proof stainless steel showerhead with super-simple installation here...

Auszug aus den AquaClic-Hotelreferenzen

Hotel Viktoria, Adelboden
Hotel Bad Balgach, Balgach
SEG-Holding, Hotelfachschule,Basel
Hotel Isola, Bern
Hotel Sonnenheim, Bergün
Hotel des Alpes, Düdingen
Hotel Frohsinn, Erstfeld
Hotel Bündler, Filisur
Hotel Fidazerhof, Flims-Fidaz
Hostellerie Sternen, Flüelen
Hotel Klausenhof - Jugendeherberge, Flüeli-Ranft
Zu den Drei Eidgenossen, Greppen
Hotel Hirschen, Langnau i. E.
Hotel Régina, Lausanne
Hotel Alpina, Leukerbad
Seminarhotel Möschberg, Grosshöchstetten
HIM - Hôtel Institute Montreux SA, Montreux
Hotel Restaurant Bürgerstube, Muggensturm, Deutschland
Hotel Schiff am See, Murten
Hotel Sternen, Nesslau
IHTTI School of Hotel Management, Neuchâtel
Hotel Radisson, St. Gallen
Hotel Linde,Stettlen
Hotel du Port, Villeneuve
Minotel Bellevue, Wangen
Hotel Alexande, Zürich

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