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Pamper yourself in the shower – while economizing up to 50%!

Elegant Showerhead in stainless steel

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Showering with the Elégance watersaving showerhead

Are elegant design and modern technology important to you?

Then you're right on the money showering with AquaClic's watersaving “Elégance” showerhead. The timeless elegance of the stainless-steel “Elégance” makes it a highlight of any bathroom. Continue...

A soft, full-bodied spray of water pampers body and soul. It can be instantly transformed into a massage jet. All while the solid, elegant 240-gram showcase handpiece securely and comfortably caresses your hand.

“I really recommend both your company as well as the Elégance showerhead!!”
Ritzmann Christian, Madetswil

More valuations by our clients...


Showering consumes significant amounts of water and energy

Energy-efficient showers at "half off"

We know you love to indulge yourself. But hot water consumes more energy than all household appliances and lighting combined.
Showers are a particular culprit, consuming 15 to 25 liters / 4 - 7 gal. of water per minute. By way of example, hot water for a mere 5-minute shower requires 3 dl / 1.2 cups of fuel oil to be heated!

Die Ressourcen- und Kosteneinsparungen mit der Spardusche Elegance

Save 300.- per year and more

With the “Elégance” you only use 6-13l/1.6-3.4 gal. per min, compared to 15-25 l/4-7 gal. per min for non regulated showers. All while enjoying your shower! For a family of 4 this translates into some 300.- CHF/€/US$ per year and a reduction in CO2 emissions for hot water by about 400kg. Details on savings potential and functionality...

Die Literleistung der Elegance

Choose how many water you want to use

With the Elégance, you can enjoy showers in comfort in your preferred EU-Energy Label class:
  • C: 10 l/min (2.6 gal.): blue regulator (included)
  • D: 12 l /min (3.2 gal.): red regulator (included)
  • D: 13.5 l/min (3.5 gal.): wellness shower or without regulator
  • B: 6 l/min (1.6 gal.): “extreme” water saver (optional)
  • A: 5 l/min (1.3 gal.): “bravo” water saver

Water outlet openings in rows

Great comfort thanks to a new layout

The Elégance offers you luxurious showering with great comfort: the precisely calculated water jets are nicely arranged so as to produce a circular, lush water jet. Which means your body is evenly pampered all over with wonderfully tingling water.

AquaClic Sparduschen sind nach Ecodesign Richtlinien entwickelt

Durable, eco-efficient, lightweight, single-material components

The Clima, like all the other AquaClic water-saving devices, is manufactured according to eco-design principles: Continue...
  • Solid stainless steel
  • Chrome-free, which also means:
  • No heavy metals,
  • No wear, no peeling, no scratches.
  • Unmixed materials, easy to dispose of: Stainless steel, PVC-free plastic.
  • Water-bearing parts are separate and made of foodstuff-quality plastic.
  • The cover is a high-precision recessed plate - not a glued or welded part, so no welds or weak points.

kneipping with the Elégance shower head

Instantly switch to a wellness shower

Thanks to its practical bayonet coupling, the Elégance literally transforms your shower into a spa experience with the flick of a wrist.

Feel the benefits to your skin's circulation from the concentrated, pleasant full-bodied surge of water. This makes the Elégance an excellent choice for health-inducing water treatments, such as those promoted by Pastor Kneipp – an exclusive feature in the privacy of your own home.


Video on the Elégance showerhead


Watch our video to see the beautiful jet of water and how quickly you transform the showerhead into a wellness showerhead...

Brillanter Edelstahl wie Alessi-Stahl

The different Elégance models

a: lustrous, brushed (Elégance)
b: high-gloss, polished (Elégance Brillant)
More about the stainless-steel versions...

Accessories for the Elegance

Accessories Included

Each Elégance comes with:
• Protecting ring
• Wall holder
• A red 12-liter regulator (3.1 gal.)
• A blue 10-liter regulator (2.6 gal.)
• Dirt trap filter / seal
• Ecotips booklet/manual and eco sticker

Zubehör der Elegance

Protecting ring

Should the Elégance shower head slip out of your hand, this ring protects your tub or tiles from impact damage.
We see no reason why "practical" can't be combined with "good design". Which is why we've taken special care and used selected materials: the brushed stainless steel ring between black rubber provides the Elégance with a noble touch in the truest visual sense.

Zubehör der Elegance

Wall Holder

When taking wellness showers, the elegant wall holder provides secure docking for the Elégance showerhead (wall holder does not replace the normal showerhead holder). The holder is easily attached with the extra-strong, ready-to-use double-sided adhesive strip that comes with it.

Zubehör der Elegance
Extreme regulator, optional (black)

“Extreme” and “Bravo” Water Saver (sold separately)

Braver shower lovers go as far as using the 5 and 6-liter (1.3 and 1.6 gal) regulators from the AquaClic faucet line in the Elégance showerhead and still enjoy cozy, comfortable showers (regulator prevents water from flowing from all the openings in the showerhead). Give it a try! You can order the "extreme" and "bravo"-regulator under "Options".

Zubehör der Elegance

Dirt Trap Filter

The Elégance showerhead comes standard with a dirt trapping filter. The filter does double duty as a seal.
Tip: Always keep the filter in the showerhead to prevent dirt particles from entering. To clean, simply take it out every few weeks and rinse or brush off.

If you're looking to spend a little more...

There are occasions that call for more than just a bouquet of flowers: a customer's housewarming, a friend's wedding, Christmas, your mother-in-law's birthday...
Stay on the safe side with a high-quality Elégance set: combine an Elégance of your choice with matching AquaClics for an individualized, meaningful gift.

Limited-edition custom-designed Elégance showerhead by Matthias Winkler

A showerhead as a promotional gift?

Design your custom Elégance as a promotional gift with your own motif and personalized logo. The AquaClic artists would be happy to assist you. Available for orders of as little as 50 units.

Detailed information on advertising media for municipalities and companies...


Technical info on the Clima watersaving showerhead

Technical Information

Elégance, unit alone
21cm x 3cm, 260 grams
In the elegant one-unit box:
30cm x 77cm x 50cm, 340 grams
Brushed or high-gloss stainless steel finish, non-PVC plastics: POM, ABS,
Flow rate:
10, 12 l/min, 13.5 l/min, optional 6 l/min
Production: 100% Swiss-made
Warranty: 5-year product warranty, 4-week money-back guarantee...

Manual and maintenance of the Elégance showerhead

Manual and Maintenance

The Elégance boasts minimal limescale buildup and is simple to maintain: simply brush off the water spouts every few weeks. Manual and maintenance information...

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