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Water-saving is not appropriate for pressureless water heaters

(not to be confused with continuous-flow water heaters, see below)

druckloser heisswasserbereiter AquaClics should not be used for taps or showers with pressureless water heaters (also known as low-pressure boilers or under-counter boilers). The increase in pressure could result in water damage.
Please consult the table below to identify pressureless heaters and distinguish them from "continuous-flow heaters", which have no problems with AquaClics:

Pressureless Water Heater

Continuous-Flow Heater

Usage with AquaClic no
Pressure indicated in bar no Often. If more than 1 bar, AquaClics can be used with confidence.
Energy Mostly electric. Often gas, more recent models sometimes electric.
Operation As soon as the water cools down, the entire contents are re-heated. Makes a noise when it starts working. Only heats when hot water is running.
Temperature indicated Usually not. Mostly shown as levels: I II III Mostly with thermometer display, thermostat
Where fitted
Often where a supply of hot water was fitted belatedly, e.g. older buildings. Usually in older buildings.
Tap outlet Diameter often less than 17 mm / 3/8" Usually a normal tap.
Often with no thread. Mostly standard thread (22/24 mm)
Tap usually drips after use. Does not drip after use (unless faulty)
(Pictures shown from below)
Mostly none, or star-shaped
sternförmiger Filter ist typisch für drucklose Boiler
Normal metal or plastic sieve, e.g.:
Standard-Sieb Durchlauferhitzer
Device size
Usually small (minibar size): approx 60cm and 50 litres. Usually larger, various sizes
Water jet strength
Usually weak
Normal pressure. It can happen that a continuous-flow heater has insufficient pressure, so with an AquaClic:
  • the water temperature varies
  • the water-saving feature might not be activated.
In cases like these:
  • Adjust the settings to allow more water, or if this isn't possible:
  • order a free 8-litre regulator for the tap.
  • for showers, allow maximum flow, for example unregulated flow with Elégance (= 13.5l) or «Clima» (= 11l). This will solve the temperature problem and still save water.

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