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Anti theft aerators

Montageschlüssel für diebstahl-/ vandalensichere AquaClics

No chance for the light-fingered!

AquaClics are a real eye-catcher for taps everywhere, so it's no surprise that our attractive collectibles occasionally arouse illicit desires. The anti-theft model is ideal for public taps in hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. and is available with or without advertising.
links: diebstahlsicherer AquaClic individuell
left: standard model
right: theft-proof model

Identical appearance

The anti-vandal model looks and functions exactly the same as the standard version, and is just as hygienic (whereas other water savers have crevices which collect grime and are awkward to assemble).
Special wrench for theft and vandal-proof AquaClics

The AquaClic anti-theft model:

  • consists of a double-walled sleeve, which rotates endlessly,
  • is fractionally larger (diameter 23 mm instead of 22 mm),
  • can only be fitted and removed with a special key we deliver,
  • is available in colour or stainless steel or in your own custom design,
  • is quick and easy to fit.

Ideal for companies

Swisscom, for example, has equipped its taps with AquaClics in an attractive Swisscom design; some of them in the anti theft version.
Tipp für die Diebstahlsicherung

A simple alternative to prevent theft

Perhaps you only have a few taps or don't want to use the special key? Protect your AquaClics as follows:
  • Glue them to the taps with superglue,
  • When you remove them, e.g. for descaling, wrap a damp cloth around the AquaClic and break the seal by using a pipe wrench.
Instructions AquaClic Anti-vandal

Operating Instructions

To the theft-proof AquaClic (pdf)


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