Packages and wrappings for AquaClic Water-Savers

Standard boxes, combinations gift box transport box minimal packages individualized packages shop ready-made sets...
If you don't choose otherwise, you'll get your order in the matching package: for example two AquaClics in an AquaClic Box Duo.

Get each water saver wrapped individually or minimally packaged. Companies can get their individualized box.

AquaClic-Boxes for taps Packages for your shower-kit
Einerbox mit Standard-AquaClic

Standard Box solo:

1 AquaClic of the Color or Stainless-Steel collection.
Each AquaClic comes with:
  • an universal adapter
  • eco-booklet / instructions
  • eco-sticker
  • Sparbrause AquaClic Clima in Einzelverpackung

    AquaClic Pack:

    1 watersaving shower head Clima colored or chromed.
    Each packages comes with:
  • 1-2 extra regulators
  • 1 extra washer
  • eco-booklet
  • eco-sticker
  • Zweierbox mit 2 AquaClic individuell: Mövenpick farbig und Edelstahl

    Standard-Box Duo:

    2 AquaClics
    (This pic shows indiviudalized AquaClics, to promote Möwenpic-Ice)
    Clic Pack Duo

    Clic Pack Duo:

    1 shower head Clima
    1 AquaClic for the tap
    Dreierbox AquaClic

    Standard-Box Trio:

    3 AquaClics
    AquaClic Pack Trio

    Clic Pack Trio:

    1 shower head Clima
    2 AquaClics

    Gift Box «Cadeau»:

    Cushion-formed box covered in natural or jeans-blue linnen for 1, 2 or 3 AquaClics

    Clic Pack Quattro:

    1 shower head Clima
    3 AquaClics


    Elégance Set

    Maxiset 1

    Maxiset 1:

    1 shower head Clima
    1 shower hose Flex
    1 AquaClic
    Elegance Solo zum Wassersparen elegante Verpackung

    Elégance package:

    1 design + wellness shower head «Elégance»
    Each Elégance comes with:
  • 1 tub protection ring
  • 1 wall fixture
  • 1 extra regulator
  • eco-booklet
  • Maxiset Duo

    Maxiset 2:

    1 shower head Clima
    1 shower hose Flex
    2 AquaClics

    Elegance Set

    Elégance Set 1:

    1 shower head Elégance
    1 shower hose Flex
    1 AquaClic
    Edelweiss-Maxiset zum Wassersparen

    Maxiset 3:

    1 shower head Clima
    1 shower hose Flex
    3 AquaClics
    Samoa Set AquaClic Elégance

    Elégance Set 2:

    1 Elégance
    1 shower hose Flex
    2 AquaClic

    Elegance Set 3

    Elégance Set 3:

    1 shower head Elégance
    1 shower hose Flex
    3 water saving AquaClics

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    Transport boxes / Minimal packages


    Industrial box:

    For 10 AquaClics, perfect, if you want to upgrade several taps. Details...
    Grossverpackung für AquaClics zum Wassersparen

    Returnable tansport box:

    For 450 AquaClics
    perfect, if you want to upgrade many taps. Details...

    33 x 90 x 223 mm
    Shipping box:
    Holds 1 or 2 standard boxes, details...
    Minimalverpackung zum Wasser sparen

    Minimal packages for AqzaClics:

    1 - 2 AquaClics in PU-bags. Can also be used to ship to small letter boxes.

    Minimalverpackung für AquaClic Sparbrausen

    Minimal package for the «Clima»

    The showerhead and its accessories in a PU pouch.

    Individualized packages

    as of 20 pieces
    Standardbox mit Banderole

    Standard box blue (with window)

    and individualized 1-4 coloured banderole
    Weisse Stulpbox

    White, neutral box with window

    with or without individualized, 1-4 coloured banderole
    Weisse Schuber-Box

    White, neutral box without window:

    with or without individalized, 1-4 coloured banderole
    White, neutral box wit «false» bow
    printed ribbon/bow on a sleeve, red, blue or green

    Entirely individualized box:

    This example shows the AquaClic standard box in soccer-design, 1 - 3 AquaClics. For larger quantities.

    Examples of individualized packages made by our customers

    BKW-FMB Energie AG used this individualized box for their individualized PR-Clics. Info and instructions are printed directly onto the package, details...

    The ZKB, Zürcher Kantonalbank chose AquaClics from the standard collection and packed them into this individual box as a gift to customers and employees.

    The Utz Group's specialities are plastic-containers. Typical Swiss AquaClic motives like Edelweiss were boxed into this mini container. They made a superb gift for their customers, particularly overseas.

    The printing company Limmatdruck AG manufactured this package to advertise its engagement toward the environment with this Minus-CO2-AquaClic.

    Matthias Winkler, the famous Swiss artist designed his own AquaClic-collection and sold it in this elegant velvet lined box of three.

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