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Calculate your savings potential in a pool / fitness area

Standard wall showers use up to 25 l/min and even watersaving showerheads have a flow rate of about 13 l/min. With the Publiqe wall shower you can set the flow rate at 7 l/min and still have a great shower spray, without anybody noticing it.

Insert your own values in the following fields and click "calculate!"

Info about your installation

visitors per day:

Price fresh water + sewage:


Energy price:


open during:

12 months

Wall shower

Number of wall showers

Usage per person and dayg:

6 Min

Actual flow rate of your wall shower:

16 liters/min

Flow rate with the wall shower Publique:

8 liters/min


Number of AquaClics:

faucet, usage per person and day:

3 Min

flow rate of your actual faucets:

12 liters/min

flow rate of your faucets with AquaClic:

5 liters/min

Hand held shower head

number of showerheads:

Shower, usage per person and day:

6 Min.

flow rate of your actual showerhead:

16 liters/min

flow rate of your new AquaClic showerhead:

8 liters/min


Number of AquaClics:


Benutzung pro Person und Tag:

0.3 Minuten

flow rate bisher:

12 liters/minute

flow rate neu:

5 liters/minute


Anzahl Wandbrausen:


Benutzung pro Person und Tag:

6 Minuten

flow rate bisher:

16 liters/minute

flow rate neu:

8 liters/minute


Savings water:



Energy savings:

in KwH:



Cost Savings water and energy per year:

Total savings during the minimal AquaClic lifespan of 10 years:

(however, the “Publique's” estimated lifespan is >25 years


Pay off:


Example of a detailed analysis

Analyse Wandbrausen
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