Wassersparer mit Energieetikette A

AquaClic? water-saving aerators

Halve your water and energy bill (but not your comfort!) with these attractive energy and water-saving devices

  • Save more than half your costs, water, CO2 and energy (e.g. 15 l / 4 US gal. heating oil per person per year for washing hands alone)!
  • Get maximum comfort from a satisfying, splash free jet of water.
  • Fasten AquaClic to any faucet worldwide (adaptors are available for exceptions).
  • Enjoy low-limescale water savers.
  • Surprise your friends or customers with an appealing personal gift.
  • Choose from a wide range of attractive designs and various materials.

What you'll get:

  • AquaClics for faucets in the quantity and design as shown, water flow according to ?options?,
  • a universal adaptor for all taps,
  • an entertaining ecology and instruction booklet,
  • a cute polar bear eco-sticker,
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year product guarantee and
  • the assurance that we, the Swiss manufacturers, will answer any questions you may have in a quick and easy way.

?I am verysatisfied with the AquaClic. AquaClic delivers what it promises. I can only recommend this product?
Angela Ipser, Grossh?chstetten

Tip: The included washer allows you to place your favourite side of the AquaClic to the front.

Detailed information, video...

Please note that AquaClics are unsuitable for pressureless water heaters.