Wassersparer mit Energieetikette A

Wash your hands, shave with only half of the water - why use more?

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Wasser verbraucht viel Energie

Less water, less costs

Just washing your hands uses more than half a gallon / 2.5 litres of fuel oil per month!
Equip your household (faucets, shower, toilet) with AquaClic-watersavers and you'll save without any restrictions per year (4 persons):
  • 20'000 gallons/70'000 litres of water
  • 1'300 kWh energy or 130 litres / 34 gallons of fuel oil
  • Water and energy costs, about 500.-
  • and you reduce CO2-emissions more than 500 kg / 1'000 lbs.
Wasser sparen mit AquaClic

Tap into the future with AquaClic

Save half on utility bills – water, energy and sewage with AquaClic: modern flow regulators with “pressure compensation”. This means: Instead of the usual approx. 12 l / 3 gal. per minute you'll get a constant flow of only 6 l / 1.6 gal. per minute – no matter how much you open the faucet. Details...
Energy labels for sanitary devices

Take control of your water usage

AquaClics come with A or B-regulators according to the European Energy Label. By way of comparision, unregulated faucets are between C and G. Details on the the Energy Label...

6, 3 l/min, 3 l-Spray

Save up to 80%!

Simply select the flow rate of your choice, from 3 l / 1.8 gal. (for the bold) to 12 l / 3 gal. (for frequent bathers), more about the energy labels...

Wasser sparen am Wasserhahn


Check out the difference between an AquaClic-updated tap to an unregulated faucet: Video...

Händewaschen ohne Spritzer

More comfort

In spite of using only half the usual amount of water, AquaClic patrons report no sense of diminished effectiveness. AquaClic’s water saving technology delivers a pleasant surge of water which can thoroughly rinse a sink full of soapy dishes.
Tiger zum Wasser sparen

Visual watersaver

Ever tried to explain to a 3 year-old the concept of why saving water and energy is important? With AquaClic you can! In a playful and easy way!
E.g. by updating his faucet with a dolphin-Clic. Or by using an energy-design-Clic that remembers on a daily basis that a lot of energy is necessary to have hot water come out of the tap.
By the way: we were told that this “educational method” also works for the not-so-young...
Verschiedene Dessins animieren zum Wasser sparen

Pimp up your faucet

Colourful, discreet, romantic or elegant, the choice is yours: the wide selection of styles of the chic energy savers add flair, sophistication and humor to any bath and kitchen.
Elegante Wasser Sparer aus Edelstahl

Prefer a classic design?

Then an AquaClic INOX is just right! INOX-AquaClics are for lovers of minimalist elegance: modern designs of dark grey ceramic particles engraved in stainless steel. Choose from more than a dozen designs in this elegant and timeless collection. Continue...

There is even the model “Pure” available, devoid of any design element. However, if you want to subtly encourage children, employees or tenants to save more water and energy, a “design”y AquaClic will be much more effective. Experience showed, that the “optical saving effect” saves even more money and water than just the AquaClic technology alone.

AquaClics passen an jeden Hahn weltweit


Fits onto all faucets

Ever stood clueless in a shop and wondered which size for a replacement would fit onto the faucet at home? You won't have to worry about diameters:
AquaClic comes with a universal adapter and fits onto all standard faucets (with some exceptions in Japan and England), even in Madagascar... For non-standard faucets, free adaptors are available. Contact us...

AquaClic remains free of lime scale for a long time

The filter inside the AquaClic remains free of lime scale 10-12 times longer than conventional metal filters. Why?

  • AquaClics are made of lime resistant material
  • AquaClics have very big openings, that allow water to drip off. Why AquaClic doesn't clog...
AquaClics sind nach ISO 140040 zertifiziert

Sustainable to the max

AquaClics are ecologically certified according to ISO 14001.
Producing an AquaClic requires:
• 4.5 litres of water (1.5 US gal)
• 0,23 kWh of energy
• 930 environmental impact points Continue...
(by comparison: 100g of organic meat is rated at 1030 environmental impact points)

Over their life expectancy of a minimum of 12 years, they save 30’000 times more water than was used to produce them. Further certifications and recommendations...

AquaClics statt Blumen

What, flowers again?

For your sister's barbecue party? For a customer's anniversary? Whatever the occasion, AquaClics always make a good impression. Choose from a wide range of different designs and materials and give your loved ones or customers a special, useful present.
packaging aquaclic

Attractive packaging, practical combination sets

Attractive packaging enhances the value of this quality Swiss product. Give the whole house an ecological makeover with one of our practical combination sets. Info on packaging...
individuelle AquaClics

A plumbing accessory for advertising?

Why not order the little water-saving wonders with your own custom logo, as advertising give-aways? Benefit from their lasting appeal, many years after you have given them to your customers, as a Christmas present for example. Details for companies and local authorities...
Casino Theater Winterthur mit AquaClic<sup>® zum Wassersparen

A water-saver for public relations?

AquaClics on your taps demonstrate clearly to your staff and customers that ecology is important to you, and that you are actually conserving water and energy.
Our special theft-proof models are also perfect for taps in fitness centres, schools, car parks or hospitals. More information for companies and local authorities...
AquaClics sind Schweizer Qualitätsprodukte zum Wasser sparen

Swiss Made

AquaClics, packaging and printed matter are all produced in Switzerland with:
Technische Daten zum AquaClic

Technical data

Weight: 0.24 gr loose, 0.48 gr packed singly
Dimensions: Diameter: 22 mm
Height: 30 mm with adaptor, 24 mm without adaptor
Dimensions of packaging: Standard box with window:
28 x 102 x 74 mm
Materials: Inside components: POM plastic
Colourful AquaClic: brass with various layers of plastic
Inox AquaClic: untreated stainless steel with anthracite-coloured ceramics
AquaClic Bedienungsanleitung Instruction manual...
AquaClic Kundendienst

Swiss customer service

Questions about your AquaClic, saving water or need spare parts? Our customer service can be reached by phone or electronically and will respond promptly in 5 languages. As confirmed by these customers in our guestbook...

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