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Guarantee Service Eco

Ecodesign - an AquaClic tradition

Ecodesign für die AquaClic Wassersparer

Environmental protection, energy efficiency, sustainability

“Ecodesign is based on the principles of sustainability. The aim is to make intelligent use of available resources to achieve the maximum benefit for everyone involved with minimal environmental impact and fair trade conditions.”

Durable and eco-efficient

  • We manufacture all AquaClic water-savers with a view to durability and the highest possible energy efficiency. We use only durable high-quality materials,
  • and avoid chroming parts wherever possible, thus also avoiding heavy metals (see the dangers of chrome plating).
  • All our water-savers are manufactured in  Switzerland , thus avoiding long transport distances and the corresponding CO2 emissions.
  • Design and packaging are conceived to use as little material as possible for the purpose of the product.
Thongsri Wuttakan repariert einen Wassersparer

Yes, we will repair faulty products!

When you buy an AquaClic, you can be sure you have a quality product. If something doesn't work properly, that's no reason to throw away the entire product. We can usually send you replacement parts or repair the item for you - even when the warranty period has expired!

AquaClic sind nach ISO 14001 zertifiziert / AquaClic est certifié selon ISo 14001, AquaClic is certified according to ISO 14001

Saves min. 30,000 times more water than was used to make it

AquaClics are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. The manufacture of an AquaClics requires:
  • 4.5 liters of water
  • 0.23 kWh of energy
  • 930 UBPs (environmental impact points) (by way of comparison, 100g organic meat register 1030 UBPs).
During its minimum 12 years of service, an AquaClic saves at least 30,000 times more water than was used to produce it. Further certifications and recommendations...

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