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Säulen aus dem Werk der Aqua Art AG
Images: some of the painted columns at the AquaClic factory in Zurich Oerlikon

4 watersavers: AquaClic for all faucets, watersaving shower- head, designer showerhead, wall shower

What is AquaClic?

Everyone's talking about alternative energy. But the biggest ignored energy reserve of all is: hot water! Hot water requires almost as much energy as heating.

Eco is so yesterday – today, no one needs to limit themselves:

We employ a lasting and beautiful design to focus individuals' attention on a simple savings opportunity: 4 attractive watersavers for faucets and showers in over 150 motifs and materials enable you to cut your energy and water usage in half – without noticing any difference.

Puristic designer showerhead in stainless steel, futuristic wall shower or squeaking duck on the water faucet – all of them improve comfort, beautify the bathroom and kitchen, fit every faucet and every shower, are simple and inexpensive, and continually renew one's sense of actively protecting the environment while saving money.

Founder Michèle Sidler and Paul Curty

Who we are

Aqua Art Ltd. was founded by Paul Curty und Michèle Sidler, career changers from banking and technology. Our goal is to pull water-saving out of the eco-niche and place it firmly in the mainstream.

In 1998, with this in mind, we launched the AQUA ART company in Zurich, from where we have since been producing water-saving products under the worldwide registered trademark AquaClic®.

The AquaClic® factory in Zurich-Oerlikon

How we work

Our stylish, water-saving AquaClics are produced exclusively in Switzerland, so we can guarantee the highest quality and first-class customer service. AquaClic production is also eco-friendly, thanks to short transportation distances. More about the Swiss production...
Inside view

What it's like working here

We believe that top quality products and a pleasant working atmosphere go hand-in-hand. In our “Aquarium” in Zürich-Oerlikon, our staff can feel completely at ease while producing, assembling, checking and packing AquaClic products.
Roy Rajappu checks a new water-saver

How new products are developed...

Everyone at AquaClic® is actively involved in developing and improving our products. For example, Yolanda Meienberg, who has been working for us for many years, suggested we offer sturdy shower hoses.

“Kneipping” shower heads

...and how they get even better

We take our customers' requests, complaints and suggestions very seriously, and use them to improve and broaden our range of products. For example, our "Elegance" designer shower head for "kneipping" was developed after customers suggested creating a water-saving massage shower head.
AquaClics for advertising

Who uses AquaClics® and where

We deliver throughout Switzerland and internationally, to:

AquaClic is certified according to various standards

Who recommends us

AquaClic® is recommended by various institutions, e.g.:
  • WWF Switzerland
  • the Swiss Ministry of Energy
  • the EU Display Campaign energy programme
and is certified according to Australian standards, ISO 14004 and the SVGW (Swiss professsional water and gas association) to the institutions...

over 150 different AquaClic designs

How it all began

“Ecology is too much hassle”
“I don't want to limit myself”
“I don't need to save a handful of small change”

These were the types of comments we kept hearing from friends, when we asked them what they thought about saving water. Water flow reducers had been around for half a century, but no one seemed to be interested. Our ambition was aroused!

We developed the simple grey flow reducers until we had created modern, exciting AquaClic® water-savers.

AquaClic Artists

Where AquaClic® stands today

Today, hundreds of thousands of households and many schools, businesses and local authorities in Switzerland and abroad are saving millions of litres of water with AquaClics®.

Since 2005, the hottest and dryest year ever, almost no one still disputes the importance of conserving water resources.

And everyone is becoming more and more aware that heating water requires an enormous amount of energy – and is very expensive.

Sensational savings

Why our motto is “Pretty Savings”

The times when ecology was boring and grey are gone! The huge range of different AquaClic®-water-saver designs appeal to different people, and the reasons they choose AquaClic are just as different as they are:
  • to save money,
  • to save energy,
  • to beautify bathrooms and kitchens,
  • to save time spent descaling,
  • to have a great, original present,
  • to offer an eco-savy give-away
...and many other reasons!

Whatever the reason, lifestyle and ecology now can go hand in hand: an ecological lifestyle is more fun with charming, fascinating AquaClic®!

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