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AquaClic Infographic

How to win energy, money and
reputation with AquaClic
Why save water?
The same QUANTITY has been on earth for millions of years, but »
the population has been growing:

Its QUALITY didn't get any better »
Every drop of water, cold or hot, used or unused, turns to waste water and has to be cleaned and treated with a lot of energy.

Water uses lots of energy:
a 5 minute shower: 3 dl heating oil! »

1 month washing hands:
100 liters of water
2.5 litres of heating oil!
«Hot water uses almost as much energy as heating!»
Swiss Federal Office of Energy
Hot water adds harmful CO2
to the atmosphere. More »
about why saving water is a good thing...
as an individual, a company, a municipality?
Shower less?
Turn off the tap?
Change laws?
Change habits?

Opt for:

AquaClic saves 20-80% water
“If all Swiss households would save water with AquaClic, one
atomic power plant (Beznau II) could be closed.” (WWF Zurich...)
Fits on all faucets & showers, full spray, no maintenance, overview
1. Wash hands, 2. see AquaClic, 3. (auto) recall: use water wisely!
Miss Earth Candidates installing watersaving AquaClic in the government building in the Principality of Liechtenstein
Advertising, PR, Educationever seen a sanitary device that can do advertising?
Bosch produced an individual AquaClic to promote an ecological washing machine
decorate »
e.g. to match a faucet to the kitchen's decor. Checkout other suggestions to decorate the kitchen...

collect »
e.g. dolphin fans can now equip also faucets and showers with their favourite animal! Look, what other sea life motives there are in the AquaClic collection for faucets...

inspire »
Instead of covering the bathroom mirror with ephemeral sticky notes let a clean AquaClic do the job: need motivation for dieting, health or sports? Can use a daily reminder to pursue career or educational objectives? We've got them all! And in various languages! More from the relax and inspirational department within the AquaClic collection...

give »
Whoever is looking for an original gift for Christmas, a birthday or a dinner invitation finds it with AquaClic from a selection of more than 100 designs: A gift that everybody can use and that will fit on all faucets.
“I'm really happy with Aquaclic products, and in future I'll be surprising all my relatives and friends with one for birthdays and Christmas!”
Eliza Baumgartner, Zurich

save resources & money »
Households updating their faucets and showers with AquaClic save approx. 50% of:

COMPANIES: VW Think blue
as customer gifts »
Clients will see the company's logo 24/7 on their faucet! What other advertising medium gets into the customer's private home? And is looked at several times per day? For many years?

Benefits for all:
  1. The company enhances its eco-image,
  2. its customers reduce costs,
  3. the environment benefits: less water, less energy used, less CO2 produced.
to lead by example »
Companies update their faucets with AquaClic and:
  1. communicate with this measure to employees and guests that it's actively protecting the environment (and not only doing nice sustainability reports),
  2. while saving considerable costs.
Check out your savings potential with this energy- and watersaving calculator...

for eco activities »
E.g. Switzerland's largest retailer “Migros” offered AquaClic as prizes within an employee-competition to generate ideas for green actions...
for employee incentives »
Companies offer their employees AquaClic to:
  • update their homes ecologically,
  • save energy, water and costs
at a reduced price by letting them benefit from their quantity discounts or grouped order potential.
"At the reduced company price, there was just no way to pass up the products being offered. We'd already used your products at Swisscom, and I was consistently pleasantly surprised by the resulting stream of water! Plus, the whole family also thought the items we bought were great. No one wants to go without the Aquaclics any more."
A. Burri, Senior Contract Manager,
Swisscom Mobile Supply Chain Manager Vodafone

for corporate volunteering »
More and more, responsible companies give employees time on full pay for charitable projects.
E.g. UBS sponsored AquaClics for faucets and showers to be installed by its employees in housings for handicapped.
"Corporate Volunteer Programs increase employee engagement [...] Organizations can expect an 87% reduction in employees' probability of departure..."
Other Pro Bono projects with AquaClic...
for sponsorings »
"Rupp" sponsored a retirement home with AquaClic. Branded with the building company's logo they convey easy to grasp messages:
  1. "we care for the environment and the community
  2. we help saving you money."
  3. And whenever the home or a visitor needs a builder/plumber, this building company will certainly be considered...
to optimize rental housing»
Companies owning rented flats equip them ecologically with AquaClic showerheads and faucets and kill several birds with the watersavers:

They save considerable water and heating costs,
rise their image towards their tenants as ecologically engaged owners
enhance their tenants' comfort: better jets, less maintenance, more hygiene.
And – as always with AquaClic – preserve our resources: water, energy and reduce CO2-production. Example of the Swiss housing foundation PWG...
details & examples»
of companies using AquaClic watersavers to communicate and to save...

involve the community »
Municipalities use AquaClic to communicate with their inhabitants.
One motive of the Swiss municipality of Thayngen: it had to introduce waste water taxes in the following year. To soothe this step, it offered its inhabitants AquaClic with interesting discounts; here's the project:
  • In the schools, teachers held workshops and speeches about water and energy.
  • The pink frog-AquaClic was the result of a school design competition with the theme "water and energy".
  • We transformed the design into AquaClics in 3 colours.
  • They where installed in schools and other public buildings, where necessary in the theft-proof version,
  • distributed at a reduced price to the inhabitants via: Flyers with ordering forms, local shops and during a christmas market.
  • More than 25% of the population purchased the watersavers and are saving today water, energy and money with AquaClic watersavers for taps and showers. Examples of other municipality projects...

Thayngen-Clic by 10 year old Michael

One of the "distribution channels" to the public in the municipality of Stans
rise a town's image »
rise a town's image even without such charming “Miss Earth” candidates that installed AquaClic in Liechtenstein's government building!
AquaClic on faucets in such public places tell the users that their municipality cares about the environment.
See how Miss Earth candidates update Vaduzs' faucets...
rise users' comfort»
AquaClic also offers a solution for one of the biggest water and energy wasters: the public shower in schools or pools!

With this maintenance free and vandalproof showerhead in stainless steel, the flow rate can be reduced by up to 80%. But even the largest savings would be useless if they weren't accepted by the users.

As with all AquaClic watersaving products, we have optimized the shower spray to the top so that nobody will notice – besides the finance department – the dramatic savings!
What responsibles and users say about this cofmfort showerhead "Publique"...
AquaClic Publique Wall Shower Head
rise citizens' awareness»
Is there a better way to rise a community's awareness to save (hot) water and energy than on a faucet or a shower?

"Energy City" is a European Label to award towns that behave energetically sustainable and offer a high standard of quality of live.

The Swiss Ministry of Energy leads this "Energy City" program in Switzerland. It encourages municipalities to use AquaClic: Branded with the label's logo and city's name it makes an easy and inexpensive medium to visualize to inhabitants and guests the achievement of this high standing label. And this on a daily basis and for many years. More information about and for Energy Cities...

Ideas & examples»

NGO, to: Rotary-Club-AquaClic as an example of individualized NGO-Clic
rise funds»
WWF Switzerland, e.g. gave to every member who paid 50% more than the minimal yearly contribution a free AquaClic. This led to substantially increased contributions. Other WWF- projects with AquaClic...
motivate volunteers »
The Geneva office of the Swiss Red Cross gave individualized Red-Cross-Clics to their employees as a birthday present.
sustain charity work »
E.g. Soroptimist, a world-wide womens' organization volunteering to improve the lives of women and girls locally and throughout the world: The St. Gall section produced a Soroptimist-Clic and sold it to members and non-members, generating funds with their margin.
help fair trade »
Helvetas is a Swiss development organisation focussing on water and infrastructure in development areas with Fair Trade amont other financing. Helvetas had a trilogy of African “Tingatinga” artwork transformed into AquaClics. They sold them in their catalogue generating funds for their African water projects. Other NGO projects with AquaClic...


Authorities, Action Groups:
to fly (yes!)» the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs (edi) that created an AquaClic featuring its Airforce's logo and equipping their airbase faucets with it to both: save resources and money... and to show it to everybody!
to inform »
The Australian Department of the Environment created a Watergrant-AquaClic for communication means around its new Community Water Grants. More Australian Projects with AquaClic...
as a conference gift»
Can you think of a more meaningful souvenir than an AquaClic for a conference about water?

With the conference's logo on it, such an AquaClic will remind the participants every day and for many years of the conference and help materializing its resolutions.

So did e.g. EIP, "The European Innovation Partnership on Water" with the slogan “boosting opportunities” on their AquaClic.

"The participants where very enthused with this gift."
M. Matauschek, Fresh Thoughts Consulting, organizer
to award»
like the EU initiative "display" that helps communities rise their buildings' energy efficiency: it awards their winners of their yearly competition among towns all over Europ with a number of individualized AquaClics. More about European Energy programs using AquaClic as awards...

Tourism, to: Sunstar Hotels, Alpine, Boutique and Style hotels
rise quality & performance »
Hotels equip showers and faucets with AquaClic to:
  • save costs
  • reduce maintenance
  • offer a comfortable and hygienic spray on showers and faucets
  • rise their image as ecologically responsible hotels.
More about AquaClic for hotels...
good conduct » the Australian national "Parks VICTORIA" updated their faucets with AquaClics and the message on them: "every drop counts" to sensitize visitors to not waste water.

At the same time they halved the flow rate from 12 l/min to 5 l/min and consequently their costs.

promote commitment »
An example from the Swiss mountains:

The City of Davos targets energy self-dependancy by 2036. It implemented AquaClic in various ways:
  • installed AquaClic on the faucets of their public buildings like schools, pools, etc.
  • The town distributes the AquaClic watersavers to hotels, private households or
  • to visitors as a souvenir.
  • Some of the Davos AquaClic come with the logo of the “Energy City”-program, supported by the Swiss ministry of energy (see also this article about Energy City)
Check out more Davos eco-projects with AquaClic...
reward efforts »
An example from "Down Under" of how watersavers can be used to reward special efforts for the ecology:

The Australian government rewarded all Schools participating in protecting actively the Barrier Reef with AquaClics for the faucets. Check out the Reef Guardian project...

Art, sports, schools, to:
trick »
A "Trompe-l'œil" on a faucet:
The "Casino Theater" in Winterthur (CH) created an AquaClic that looked like an entrance ticket pasted on the faucets.

Apart from the considerable energy- and watersavings these AquaClics add a colourful and witty touch to the theater.

And yes, users tried to take it as a “souvenir”, therefore, the theft-proof AquaClic model is used.
create »
A plumbing article as a Creative Art Object!?

Yes, that's possible! E.g. renowned New York artist Lawrence Weiner created this limited edition for WWF Switzerland.

Check out other artists with AquaClic
indulge »
in a relaxing shower after a hard play, like the icehockey players of GCK:
Their showers have all been equipped with the “publique” showerhead: less maintenance, less costs, full showers with only 7 instead of 14 l/min.
Other sport facilities, pools and fitness clubs with the revolutionary wall shower head “Publique”
commit »
Teachers, students and parents committed to update the the ICS International Community School Zurich's faucets ecologically.

They all worked together to set up financing.

The families also got the chance to benefit from the school's quantity discount for AquaClic so that they could also equip their households with AquaClic.

Other examples of school projects with AquaClic...
Your own design »
Have your own design created on AquaClics or Shower heads as of 50 pieces. Some examples...

Price »
Quantity discounts start already from 2 AquaClics on these regular prices! Ask for your quote! No obligation! Just fill in this form...

Where to buy »
In Switzerland AquaClic is sold by various retailers like Migros, in other countries via Onlineshops, Details...

The Artists »
Meet the artists that created the AquaClic collection. Some of them are at your disposal to create your own individual Design on your AquaClic...

Swiss Made »
AquaClic are produced 100% in Switzerland. This ensures:
  • highest quality in materials and workmanship,
  • shortest shipping distances
  • and an efficient customer service. More...

Ecology and Eco Design »
An AquaClic saves min. 30'000x more energy than was used to produce one.

is the key to good and long living products.
Find out, how we at AquaClic understand really sustainable products...

Certificates »
AquaClic products conform to the high Swiss Standards of the Swiss Gas and Water Association (SVGW), WWF, Energy Cities and others...

Water saving Calculators »
Here's an easy way to find out how much money, water, energy or CO2 you'll save when using AquaClic. Go to the calculator...

dations »
We are proud to have established a brand, that is estimated by both individuals and corporates: municipalities, companies, hospitals, hotels, etc...

The big difference » between watersavers and AquaClic...
Instructions »

Videos »
Check out some videos about the functionning or installing of the AquaClic watersavers...

Media »
Images, texts, white papers, presentations, brochures, etc...


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