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Energy Town

The label “Energy City” is proof of success

for communities that set an example by implementing a sustainable energy policy; more about this program from the Swiss Federal Ministry for Energy...
Energy City-AquaClic helps you to keep your label fresh in your residents' minds, plus cost savings as an attractive bonus.

The wood chips plant heats efficiently but in secret...

With a great deal of effort your community has achieved the Energy City Seal of Approval. It stands for a high quality of life in your community. The Labelling celebration is over, the posters have been taken down, the flags lowered. The wood chip plant heats effectively, but in secret. The energy-saving sodium steam ... learn more about watersavers
lamps illuminate the streets, but out of sight! And that the windows in the school have been upgraded to energy-saving models is forgotten as soon as the next school year starts. But how do you show to your habitants and potential family and company newcomers permanenly, that you are an exemplary Energy City with above-average quality of life?
Energy Town-AquaClic Saas Fee

How to convey in an easy and lasting way the positive feeling of a privileged living environment

Fit your faucets and showers with AquaClic: in your offices, schools, kindergardens, swimming pools, hospitals, gyms ... learn more about watersavers
in the town hall, car park, theatre, shopping centre, ice rink, cable car, public toilets, etc.

Give away watersaving showers and AquaClics for taps to your residents, hotels, restaurants or cinema either for free or for a small charge (e.g. by passing on your bulk discount)!
Your residents and guests will see the Energy City-Clics several times a week over the taps minimum 15-year lifecycle (e.g. in the gymnastic club) or daily (schools).
In Swiss Mountain town of Saas Fee, for example, hotels, B&Bs and residents get their Saas Fee Clics from the town's water supervisor after the Clics were presented at a summer festival, Details...

Real water savings with AquaClic

The added bonus of AquaClic? Serious savings!

About one third of the energy in a municipality is generally used for water (heating, purifying, transporting). Consider the saving potential with AquaClic on faucets and showers. Together they make a considerable difference!
Watersaving shower Energy Town Clic Stainless steel/chrome

The most underestimated savings potential? The shower!

An unregulated shower uses about 16 litres of water per minute, and corresponds to an efficiency “E” according to the European Energylabel). ... learn more about watersavers
The energy efficiency “A” shower with AquaClic is – despite delivering 2/3 less water – very pleasant and invigorating and uses only 5 litres of water per minute. That represents a saving of 2 decilitres of heating oil per 5-minute shower!
The “Clima” watersaving shower (test winner for best showering comfort) is also available in Energy City-design, allowing for personalised naming on orders of 50 showers or more! Details on the watersaving showerheads...
Energy Town-Clic Standard model German

Energy City-AquaClic

  • Standard model in german, french and italian as shown in the image, no town name, with or without the Energy-Label with or without anti-theft device: as of 1 piece.
  • With your personalised name and Energy City label, also with your Energy-City-Claim and home page, if required: available from 50 items.
Publique wall shower with Energy Town logo

“Publique” wall shower

  • with Energy City-logo from 1 item,
  • and your community name: from 5 items
AquaClic as promotional article for Energy Town home page

AquaClic water saver recognised for Energy Cities

  • AquaClics watersavers are recommended by Energy city as advertising material.
  • They are recognised and accredited for maintaining or attaining the Energy City-label as a means of communication, and
  • as means of saving money.

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