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A sampling of recommendations for the AquaClic Publique wall shower

Kaiseraugst Municipality, indoor pool

December 2012/Dani Neeser, Dep. Head Pool Attendant

Danie Neeser Hallenbad Kaiseraugst
«We noticed that the children were lining up so they could stand under the "tickling rain shower“. The older guests at the pool were equally enamored with the shower. Many poolgoers talk about the "delicate“ spray on their skin.

Wetting the skin is very comfortable, and persons with long hair also had no problem washing their hair despite the...learn more about watersavers
significantly reduced flow of water.

Cleaning is very simple, we have minimal calcium deposits and they're easily removed using just a little cleaner (less cleanser is needed to keep the shower visually and mechanically clean / free of lime). Even the rust in our lines was no problem.

Use with the Sanimatic drives poses no problems, you might even say it's gone like clockwork, we have no strong pressure surges caused by membranes closing so we don't have any humming on the water line.

Maintenance and readjustment, in the sense of screwing them off and cleaning, has been zero. No work of this kind in the last 3 months. By comparison, for the Sanimatic sport showers we had to take down the heads every month and soak them in limescale remover to clean them.

Just to sum things up in a nutshell. The Publique is very good maintenance-wise and for conserving water.»

Pestalozzi Children's Village Foundation, Trogen (Appenzell)

Othmar Zips, Village Keeper
«Installing the showerhead was very simple and the shower action is very good; the children didn't notice a thing. It used to be 17 l/min, after the change it's 9 l/min.»

Wohen Aargau Energiestadt Logo

Municipality of Wohlen AG

Peter Eberhart, Building Authority/Environmental Protection, December 2012
«We've been testing this wall shower for a year now, we're very satisfied with it and are planning on acquiring them. The showerhead has us convinced, and we're 100% behind it.»

KEK, Küsnacht ice rink (home of the GCK Lions)

Lintharena Näfels

Lintharena sgu arena, Näfels

Hirschengraben indoor pool, Bern


TST Fitness, Bern

«The wall showers are installed, it was very easy and the shower spray is indeed very pleasant. We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, men and women alike.»
Ch. Liechti, TST Fitness, Bern

KSS Freizeitpark

Wellnesspark AISUMA

KSS Freizeitpark Schaffhausen

Olympic public indoor pool, Zurich Oerlikon

The 60 wall showers already had a low flow rate of only 11.5 l/min. They were replaced by AquaClic "Publique" and ajusted to 7 l/min (men, children) and 8 l/min (women to smoothly wash long hair).

We are very proud that the city of Zurich – where our company is based – opted for our Showerheads.

sportanlagen Wallisellen

Sportanlagen Wallisellen

Schule Gossau

Schulanlage Brüel, Gossau, SG

Schulen Gaiserwald

Schulanlagen Gaiserwald, Abtwil

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