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Electronic water meter

Electronic water meter

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Simply and quickly control or set the water quantity for your wall shower:

A) Flow rate with the AquaClic Publique Fixed Head Shower

Maximum flow rate

The wall shower AquaClic Publique has a max. flow rate of 11 liters per minute at a standard pressure of 3 bar.
Dial for setting the standard value of the Fixed Head Shower AquaClic Publique


Set standard value

At the Publique dial, you can set the standard value for your desired water flow rate. This value may vary depending on the line pressure.

Control or set exact flow rate

For the exact flow rate, use this electronic measuring device:
  • Attach the coupling component to the water outlet of the Publique,
  • observe the flow rate indicated after the shower has been running for a few seconds,
  • use the Publique installation tool to adjust the exact flow rate.
(Video to follow, email us if you would like to be informed when it is ready.

A) Measure the flow rate of your existing fixed head shower

Do you want to know how much water your existing fixed head showers are using? But don't want to measure each one with a stopwatch and bucket?

Then the electronic AquaClic meter is ideal!

Send us a photo by email or text and/or the brand/type of your current fixed head shower. We will send you the meter along with the corresponding adapter for convenient attachment.

You can buy, borrow or rent the meter – contact us for your conditions!

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