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Test Shower Heads Standard-Test-Set Elegance Duschbrausen

Test Shower Heads

Art-Nr: 101990
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Standard Test-Sets: 3-4 Brausen/douchettes/showerheads
Elégance: ECO + WELLNESS
Douchette Cuisine + Précisione
Flex Duschschlauch/tuyeau flexible / flexible hose
available as of mid May 2020

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Have fun trying out these showerheads

“It's a pity that you can't try out the shower first in the shop or at the plumber's”
“Extrablatt”, energieschweiz publication

Only AquaClic lets you do it: Test your showerheads free and with no obligation!

Showering is very personal, everyone has different shower preferences. Bathroom fixtures and water pressure also vary from one home to another.

Want to shower energy-efficiently? And protect the environment or reduce your charges too? But do you wonder,

  • If it will still let you rinse your hair properly?
  • Or you're afraid you'll just get a slow trickle, like when you were camping on holiday last summer?
  • Or you get the feeling that you'll never wake up in the morning with only half the water flowing from the shower spray?

Try out up to 5 different showerheads and their flexible variants:

  • From moderately water efficient (Energy label D)
  • To very water efficient (Energy label A)
  • Up to extremely water efficient (for those who are staunchly cost/environmentally-conscious or meditate under the shower).
A selection of 5 showerheads

Try them out: it's easy, free and there's no obligation!

Overview of the 5 showerheads:

  1. Top money saver showerhead “Clima”, powerful spray, Swiss made, maximum savings. 1b) Available as an optional accessory “Softspray”-add-on for a soft shower experience.
  2. Featherlight hand shower “Précision” for small spaces, like a trailer for example.
  3. Super flat, stylish “Prosecco” shower with soft oxygen bubbly spray
  4. 5-way adjustable showerhead “Variété” – and still energy and water efficient
  5. Elegant stainless steel designer and Kneipp showerhead “Elégance”, hand crafted in Switzerland.

It's as easy as this:

  1. Click above on the showerhead options
  2. Select the showerheads/ options you want from the drop down menus.
  3. Put the items you want in your shopping basket ― the value of the articles is displayed in the shopping basket,
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    Try it – and give us your opinion

    Test the showerheads yourself and with your family and with the various settings at your leisure and up to 2 days connection to the water supply per showerhead.

    Return within 2 weeks

    Simply send the article that you don't want to keep within 2 weeks with our free prepaid transport service. Please answer these questions and ask for your return shipping. Need them for longer? Contact us!

    Start your free, no-obligation test with 5 different showerheads:

    Click on the showerhead options

    or check out the showerhead guide...

    Use this offer to test other AquaClic products as well...

    Shower Guide: how to find your perfect shower head

    (link to mobile version...)

    The Swiss Federal Office of Energy, “swissenergy” has launched an energy savings campaign. The tips include water-saving shower heads and aerators that add up to Fr/€/$ 300.- saving per year in a family of four. Check out this easy guide for every budget and taste:

    “We have had the AquaClic shower head for many years and are still as excited as the first day. We're also thrilled by the great service.” Doris Perisset, Castel Sant'Angelo, Switzerland


    Guide to shower heads and water-saving shower heads / guide douchettes économiques
    Price, CHF/€
    33 - 42.–
    + 8.90
    160 - 210.–
    Shower head
    ClimaSoftspray attachment
    Jet shape / number of settings
    Turbulent shower jet with shower head CLIMAClassic shower jet, soft with attachment sparing shower AquaclicSaving jet + classic shower jet with shower head PrécisionJet enriched with air, shower head SpumanteRain shower, massage jet, bubbling jet, and 2 combined jets
    Classic jet and Kneipp treatment jet with shower head Elégance
    Shower jet priciple Turbulent jet: Water is compressed and ejected in many small drops. Luxurious, powerful, invigorating. Classical rain jet: luxurious, soft. The economy jet is very soft and precise. It can be switched to a classical shower jet, medium strong. Classic rain jet with oxygen supply: bubbly and soft, refreshing. 5 modes: rain, massage, bubbles, rain + massage, rain + bubbles. 3 water jets are arranged in V-shape so as to produce a circular, water jet: soft, rich, sparkling. Can be set to massage jet “Kneipp”.
    Sparpotential* bei 2 Pers.CHF 60 - 210.– ->“Clima” 25 - 100.– 120 - 175.–
    120 - 200.–

    20 - 170.–
    Spray protection necessary (shower curtain, cap)?
    no (eco jet)
    hardlydepends on jet
    Energy label / max. l/minEnergy label
    C: 11 l/min
    C: 11 l/minD: 12 l/minB: 7.8 l/min B: 8.8 l/min D: 13.5 l/min
    Pre-installed or optional functions
    A: 5 l/min
    B: 6 or 8 l/min
    A: 5 l/min
    B: 6 or 8 l/min
    A: 5.5 l/min A: 5 l/min
    B: 7 l/min
    B: 8 l/min B: 8 l/min
    D: 12 l/min
    Extreme savingspossible: 3 l/min
    unsuitableunsuitableunsuitableunsuitablepossible: 5 or 6 l/min
    Turbulent shower head Clima, snuggle shower, mini-shower Précision, Spumante, Variance, Elégance
    Shower headClimaSoftspray
    Material: Plastic ABS, POM
    Stainless steel, polycarbonate, ceramic
    Part replacement for loss / failure
    replaceable and repairablereplaceable and repairable
    replaceable and repairablepartly replaceable
    partly replaceable replaceable and repairable
    Design>30 models, white, colored, stainless steel, glossy chrome, matt chrome.
    whitechrome plated, black or gray decorations
    chrome plated chrome plated 8 models stainless steel satin finish or glossy polish
    Customizable for PR/ Promotional productsstarting from 25 pieces, logo, Design, 1-4 colors
    Logo, 1 color from 300 pieces
    Logo, 1 color from 300 piecesstarting from 25 pieces, 1 color, design, decorations
    Descaling / cleaning with commercial descalers
    guaranteed min. 5 years without deposits / yes
    depends on water hardness / yes
    rub off / yes
    rub off / yesrub off / yesbrush off / yes
    Special featuresSmall, minimal material use, separable to pure components.

    Can be opened: residual water drainage -> very hygienic e.g. before holidays or at the end of a hotel season.

    Consumer magazine “Kassensturz” test winner.

    Shower heads assorted to the Aquaclic aerator collection.

    Older Clima shower heads can be retrofitted with this attachment.

    Attach or remove the attachment before or after showering.

    Very light, small, ergonomic.

    Precise jet allows minimal spray to the surroundings.

    Distortion-free mirror surface on the back of the shower head that doesn't fog up with damp. Perfect for shaving (face, armpits, etc.)

    Unlike other shower heads with oxygen addition, the Prosecco is very quiet.

    Smooth, long lasting switching mechanism.

    Ergonomic shift lever.

    Extra large diameter, but nonetheless saves water (<9 l / min instead of about 16 l / min) and not too heavy, even when filled with water.
    Comfortable in your hand! Solid stainless steel caresses your hand.

    Water openings in precise, elegant V-shape arrangement for maximum comfort.

    Convert it in 2 seconds to a spa shower with bayonet mechanism.

    Very, very elegant.

    Turbulent shower head Clima, snuggle shower, mini-shower Précision, Spumante, Variance, Elégance
    Shower headClimaSoftspray attacment
    included, in addition to environmental sticker + environmental introduction
    Shower head, replacement seal, 1-2 regulators
    PartsShower head, replacement seal, 1-2 regulators
    Shower headShower headTubguard ring, holder, 2 regulators
    For all tubes (standard 1/2") and holders
    5 year guarantee, 30 day return period, Swiss customer service
    Switzerland Switzerland France, ChinaFrance, ChinaSwitzerland
    Size in mm
    205 x 45 mm,
    Ř 70 mm
    205 x 45 mm,
    Ř 70 mm
    140 x 45 mm
    Ř 35 mm
    250 x 50 mm
    Ř 100 mm
    265 x 42 mm
    Ř 120 mm
    220 x 30 mm
    Ř 30 mm
    Weight118 g
    260 g
    65 g
    160 g
    260 g
    260 g
    for continuous flow heater / non-pressurized water heater?Yes with regulator / no
    Yes with regulator / noyes in the 12l position / no
    Yes with regulator / noYes with regulator / noyes / yes without regulator
    especially suitable for:
      High calcium water areas

      Families with small children: shampoo rinsing without crying!

      Style-conscious individuals who value bathroom interior.

      Families with limited warm water supply.

      Hotels which want to save and reduce maintenance costs.
        Families with various showering sensitivities or limited warm water supply.

        Interested in max. energy efficiency

        Conservation enthusiasts with limited space available (e.g., campers, boats) or sensitive materials (e.g. wood) that should not get wet.

        Those who shower in the bathtub without shower curtain.
          The cost conscious, conservation conscious, and environmental enthusiasts who enjoy simple forms.

          Families with various showering sensitivities or limited warm water supply.

          Those who enjoy variability with or without ecological attitudes.

          “Morning grouches” relying on an invigorating boost with random shower settings.
          Health and style conscious wellness enthusiasts.

          Followers of purist forms and high-quality materials.

          Lovers of ecofriendly, durable, timeless products.

          Design enthusiasts who want to give a present to others or to themselves.

          Link to the actual warm water savings campaign by the Swiss Energy Bureau.

          beliebteste AquaClic sparbrausen für die Dusche; les économiseurs favoris pour la douche; topsellers for the faucet

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