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10 reasons for AquaClic

Saving water at faucets and in showers with AquaClic Watersavers

10 reasons why it pays off in many ways to save energy and water with AquaClic®

at home, in business or in the community

1. Because only at AquaClic, will you find products that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, make a difference ecologically, look good, save on resources and money, are suitable as a communication tool, gift or for educative purposes and are produced in Switzerland to high quality but are still value for money.

As an individual , you can use AquaClic to lend a decorative finishing touch to your bathroom or kitchen in keeping with the décor. Or the season: Valentine's Day, Spring, Advent, Fall... Or to match the mood or to give you a little motivational boost in line with your goals with AquaClics from our Inspiration Collection. Give the intelligent gift AquaClics for faucets or Clima shower heads for any occasion: they cost less than a conventional bouquet, and last forever! Or delight your loved ones with Energy and Water-Saving Sets for the whole household at Christmas, for a housewarming or as a wedding gift.

As a company, with AquaClic on the faucets you show your present or future clients, media representatives or employees that you care about the environment, like Postfinance. And use them as promotional items – with your own motif – to favorably remind your clients of your company and product for years every time they wash their hands, like from Bosch,BKW Energie AG or HSB Heizsysteme. The key is to make your AquaClic – starting from 50 items – so attractive that everyone will want to attach it at home. Here are some design tips for this. And of course our artists are there for you in order to create the best layout. Just a few days later, you will receive a photo-realistic computer simulation and shortly afterwards a prototype or the actual run.

For a municipality there is hardly a more efficient way to save on resources and costs than using AquaClic: be this with the new Comfort Wall Shower “Publique” that has an incredibly short payback time of under 2 years: It permits showering at 7 l/min only (instead of 16 - 20) in public showers of pools or other sports facilities without anyone even noticing that less than half the water is flowing!
Or by the municipality setting a practical example to children and adults with colored or steel-AquaClics for faucets in schools and houses showing the importance of environmental protection like for example the City of Davos.
Or by the municipality setting a good example by using Clima shower heads or colorful AquaClics itself and showing citizens that it is actively climate protection, like for example Fehraltdorf municipality.

For schools, AquaClic offers the opportunity to involve students in comprehensive projects that develop their social skills, environmental awareness, self-awareness, craft skills, computer knowledge, financial understanding and speaking skills as demonstrated by the students from the senior class in Baar (ZG).

If your municipality has already undergone the demanding "Energy City" certification (a program from the Swiss Federal Office for Energy), Energy City -Clics are the best way to give citizens the good feeling over many years that they are living in a progressive community with a high standard of living and to attract new tax payers. AquaClics with the Energy City Design are recommended by Energy City as communication tools.

For hotels with AquaClic, there is the possibility of killing 4 birds with the one stone: 1. guests enjoy a soft water jet from faucets that don't squirt and a powerful shower jet from the hygienic CLIMA shower head (which does not build up limestone) or an efficient massaging jet with the elegant Kneipp Wellness shower head. 2. Staff do not need to descale: The Clima shower head will not build up limestone for a guaranteed 5 years, the faucet water saver clogs 10x slower than conventional metalic filters). 3. In the wellness area, the pool attendant will be delighted by elegant, futurististic maintenance-free comfort wall showers. 4. The financial officer will be delighted with the cost savings, which often lead to pay back already in the first year. 5. And management will increase their environmental image by demonstrating with AquaClic that they are actively engaging in protecting the climate – and with much more effect than just re-using towels (have you ever experienced how room staff rehang your used towels two or three times?)

AquaClic is also suitable for NGOs or associations, in order to get their members onboard for sponsorship or for trade fair or conference organizers who want to give participants long-lasting and meaningful mementos.

Check out the various possibilities for AquaClic water savers, examples and recommendations in this infographic.

9 more reasons why you should use AquaClic...

2. Because we are professionals for water and energy saving topics

Water savers are our main area – and not just in second or third place like with most other manufacturers or dealers. We, that is Aqua Art AG, Zürich-Oerlikon: For over 15 years, we have been developing energy-efficient and water-saving shower heads and aerators. Eco-Design, materials, construction and water-saving technology in such a way that there is a minimum use of water and energy with maximum comfort and a full water jet: At the faucet and in the shower, at home or in public showers. If you install a flow reducer/regulator onto a normal shower head (unfortunately something that many producers or suppliers have done for the new energy label for shower heads), consumption halves but so does comfort. With AquaClic you can count on a water jet for each product where you will not notice that only half or even less flows.

3. Because we have created attractive decorative objects from formerly boring technical plumbing nozzles*

Various artists are constantly creating new collections to add to the over 150 AquaClic water savers for faucets and shower heads: Colorful, subtle or puristic designs in different materials bring wit, elegance or color to each faucet or shower. From 50 units already, companies or municipalities can have their own motif. Interested in an individualized motif in small amounts?
*(known under various names: flow restrictor, aerator, flow regulator, mixing nozzle, economy nozzle, economizer, water reducer).

4. Because you can buy from AquaClic in good conscience

You get water-saving products that are manufactured to the highest environmental standards. With us there are neither long transport journeys for materials or processing nor quality, human rights or safety issues unlike with many products from the Far East. Also see this report on chrome-plating Brilliant and ecological – its possible!

5. Because with AquaClic you are getting Swiss quality

All AquaClic water savers and shower heads are manufactured in Switzerland. They come with guarantees lasting 3 to 10 years, have no wearing parts, do not need replacement parts and are very very long lasting.

6. Because we even repair!

If something should go wrong, you can send us your shower head or water saver. Where else can you get a shower head repaired? All AquaClic shower heads and aerators are made from mono-materials that we replace or repair individually.

7. Because AquaClic water-saving shower heads and aerators are ecological:

An AquaClic saves min. 30,000x more resources than are used in its production! For example, a 5 minute warm water shower requires 3 dl of heating oil! With the Clima shower head for example, only half is needed in the same time! You wash your hands with just 5 l/min instead of 12 liters. And you won't miss a thing, we promise! To meet the wishes of customers who have a very high level of environmental concern and demands, we even introduced a new category: AquaClic Extreme, in which for example even 3 l/min shower regulators are available (to compare: a conventional shower head uses approx. 16 l/min, or over 5 times more!) Here's a graphical overview.

8. Because you decide how much you want to save:

At the faucet, you choose whether to save 2, 3, 5 or 6 l/min of water and energy. With our energy-efficient shower heads (Clima, Kneipp, Kitchen spray or wall shower) you shower in efficiency class A, B or C. 2-3 options always come free with every shower head!

9. Because everything to do with AquaClic is nice and easy:

You do not have to worry about technical details with us or choose between different product specifications. For each water consumption point, you will find what's best for you: we just have 6 products to choose from! You then just choose the desired motif and material from our extensive design collection:
Ordering from our international onlineshop is easy, purchasing in Switzerland at Migros & Co. or in specialist shops simple. No need to ask if it will fit: AquaClic fits every faucet thanks to the delivered universal adapters and if this does not work, you can always order an adapter later. Shower heads are standardized worldwide (1/2 inch). Descaling: minimal to unnecessary. Washing your hands is enjoyable without any squirting. Showering is invigorating with the powerful jets from the “Clima” shower head, the “Publique” wall shower or soft and gentle with the “Elégance” designer shower head or the “Softspray” attachment. The best part: you do not feel with any of them that up to 80% less water is flowing!

10. Because our customer service does not know the reply to only one question:

With us personal customer service awaits you: without waiting loops or recordings to which you have to dictate your wishes. We are available by phone or via email quickly and competently for you in 5 languages. We do not know the answer to only one question: why should you buy any other water saver than AquaClic?

Get started now with energy-efficient showering and hand washing with AquaClic...

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